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What do we do on the weekends? We brunch. My other half isn’t a morning person, so I’m always extra excited when he’s up early and agree to come for brunch. On a lovely Saturday morning, we took a lovely walk down to High Street Kensington to join all the other weekend brunchers at Megan’s Restaurant, which is a super popular and halal-friendly brunch spot in London. Like many, we were enticed by its cute interiors, featuring stylish Bohemian-style decor and oozing a relaxed lounging atmosphere. It’s got a fun & casual vibe and was incredibly lively & busy there as we arrived. The question is – does the food match up? Let’s find out more in this post!

Megan’s Restaurant: the neighbourhood all-day dining eatery

Megan’s Restaurant is a Mediterranean all-day dining restaurant with numerous branches dotted all across London. We visited the High Street Kensington branch but you can also find them at Wimbledon, Chelsea, Islington, Chiswick, Clapham, Balham, Battersea, Parsons Green, East Dulwich, Wandsworth, and many more, as well as Surbiton & St Alban’s.

People love to brunch at Megan’s Restaurant because their brunch menu is available till 5 pm every day. If you are a late-riser, you simply don’t have to worry about missing out at all! For brunch, you can find the likes of Turkish Brunch Feast to share and many classic brunch dishes. But they’re not just known for brunch as they have signature well-known dishes for both their lunch/evening menus and dessert menu too! Other than Mediterranean mezze, they are quite known for their signature “posh kebabs”, and for desserts, the half-baked cookie dough is said to be one to die for.

Making a reservation ahead is highly recommended but we were lucky enough to have managed a walk-in just fine for the two of us. Chicken and Turkish sausage are halal at Megan’s Restaurant.

Date of dining: July 2022

The Food: What We Ordered

Sucuk Shakshuka (£12.9)

Turkish sausage shakshuka at at Megan's Restaurant

The Shakshuka has absolutely hit the spot, featuring a lusciously rich tomato sauce that’s tinged with a subtle yet effective warming little kick of spice and enriched with a peppery touch. We certainly recommend getting the Sucuk Shakshuka as the Turkish sausage adds umami and depth to the dish. Other options include the regular shakshuka or halloumi shakshuka. The eggs were cooked perfectly in the skillet, oozing runny yolk as we pierced through the top. Overall, we really enjoyed the dish and we wiped the dish spotlessly clean with their 7-seeded organic sourdough bread slices.

Eggs Royale (£11.5)

A plate of Eggs Royale at Megan's Restaurant

The Eggs Royale, on the other hand, was a miss. Ultimately, what went wrong was that the hollandaise sauce was too thick and got rather sickening towards the end. Despite using sparkling water in the cooking process for a velvety texture and claimed to be seasoned with cayenne, these efforts didn’t really shine through. Though other than that, the dish was fair, featuring perfectly poached eggs and quality smoked salmon over organic sourdough bread. It’s not stellar but it’s certainly not bad. It’s just rather unfortunate that the dish eventually gets overpowered by the hollandaise.

Iced Latte (£3.9)

Ice Coffee Cube Latte at Megan's Restaurant

This is not your regular iced latte but an excellent glass of iced coffee cube latte! It comes with plenty of frozen coffee cubes and a side of milk of your choice – I went with regular milk. The coffee was definitely quite strong and offered a really nice hit upon the first sip. The longer you let the milk sit, the stronger the coffee gets. This could easily be one of the top ice coffees around London as it no doubt nailed the spot! Additionally, it’s always good to know that their coffee is organic, fair trade and rainforest alliance as well.

Restaurant Review Summary

All in all, it was a lovely brunch at Megan’s Restaurant. There is no question about the quality of food and the dishes were generally good, except for the little fail on the hollandaise. The nice interiors are a bonus and the restaurant does live up to its popularity. I gave the desserts a pass at this time but I will be certainly eyeing that half-baked cookie dough (it’s got Nutella, pistachios, and ice cream) for next time! If you are looking for a good quality halal-friendly brunch spot, definitely add Megan’s Restaurant to your list and you shouldn’t have to look too far to find one near your neighbourhood!

  • Food
  • Atmosphere
  • Service
  • Value for Money

Summary & Halal Status

Lovely neighbourhood brunch spot where we enjoyed the shakshuka and iced coffee cube latte. 

Chicken & Turkish sausage are halal at Megan’s Restaurant.

Tel: 020 3468 0219
Instagram: megansrestaurants

Nearest station: High Street Kensington

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