Following a mille crepe cake frenzy from Kova, there is now a cake shop that specialising just in that – i.e Mille Patisserie! Situated at Paddington, Mille Patisserie is a tiny but charming spot. As described in its name, the shop is all about delivering beautiful mille crepe cakes to our bellies.

It’s small in space but very bright, with a cute table corner and a few more outside by the street. In addition to serving up pretty-looking cakes, they are particular about quality as well. For instance, they insist in using Valhrona chocolate, Sicilian lemons, Kyoto matcha and Nagoya sesame to create their cakes. All of these ingredients are processed in-house as well. This means all the sesame is grounded in-house, lemons are juiced by hand, so on and so forth.

Please note that not every flavour is halal. They are trying to replace their gelatine with plant-based ingredients, but in the meantime, halal options are as follow:

  • Matcha
  • Sesame
  • Lemon
  • Original

Sesame Mille Crepe

Sesame Mille Crepe from Mille Patisserie

The Sesame Mille Crepe screams of a Far-East flair. This ought to be my personal favourite at Mille Patisserie. It’s not too sweet, very fragrant, light and delicate. There’s a very well-balanced crepe-to-cream ratio – creamy enough to be moist but can still clearly detect the layers without them all being mushed up together. It’s certainly a unique flavour and I really adored this one.

Matcha Mille Crepe

Matcha Mille Crepe at Mille Patisserie

As for the Matcha Mille Crepe, it was light and delicate, but not particularly impressive especially among all the other matcha mille crepe contenders around London. Personally, I feel like it can go a little creamier for this matcha mille crepe.

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In summary…

…I quite enjoyed Mille Patisserie and it’s a good spot to stop by to treat yourself with some delectable mille crepe cakes. Not sure if it’s just me or not, but these cakes here seem to have extra layers than the usual ones! What a lovely addition this is to the London market.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Atmosphere

Halal Status

Halal options include: Original, Sesame, Lemon, Matcha

Tel: 020 7018 7667 | Website:

Nearest station: Paddington

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Mille Patisserie Review

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