When I first discovered WA Cafe in Ealing Broadway, I instantly fell in love with it. They have more recently(-ish) opened another branch in Covent Garden so, of course, I had to make a visit!

The WA Cafe Covent Garden branch is located on New Row (near where Old Chang Kee is). What really prompted me to finally visit this branch is for their newly launched Kurogama Black Sesame Croissant. Funny story, their croissants weren’t ready when I first visited! But I was absolutely determined to get my hands on them, so I actually went back another day to get them as takeaways.

Anyway, both branches feature lovely decor but, if I were to pick one, I think this Covent Garden branch might just win my heart more. The atmosphere is super chilled and relaxing in there, pretty quaint as if it transports you out of busy London the moment you step in. Whilst it’s not fully halal, ingredients are clearly noted on each item on display so you can easily avoid anything containing alcohol or gelatin.

Kurogama Black Sesame Croissant (£4.60) & Matcha Croissant (£4.20)

I thought I’d first start off with what I really wanted from this shop – these croissants.

Not sure if you could tell from these pictures or not, but these croissants are MASSIVE. I originally thought there may be matcha and black sesame filling respectively in the croissants, but they’re both just regular croissants with a flavoured ganache on top.

Both the matcha and black sesame topping carried a pretty strong flavour, so it turned out very well-balanced without any fillings inside. The flavours really hit me at my first bite, slamming my taste buds with a fairly intense fragrance. The black sesame ganache had a nutty touch, whereas the matcha ganache had a natural sweetness lacing together with the chocolate.

The croissant itself was top-notch quality. It was so beautifully crispy on the outside, and incredibly airy and fluffy on the inside. I loved the alluring buttery fragrance coming through at each bite, and honestly would be head over heels even if it’s just a plain croissant.

Matcha Roll Cake (£5.20)

Image of a Matcha Roll Cake from WA Cafe Covent Garden

I had a matcha roll cake on my last visit to WA Cafe’s Ealing Broadway branch. I really enjoyed it that time, and I’m super delighted to say I like it even more this time!

The sponge was moister than I remembered and was really light & fluffy to taste. This is like a must for matcha lover, for how beautifully the matcha fragrance seeped through the palate.

Matcha An Pan (£3.40)

Image of a Matcha Bun at WA Cafe Covent Garden

In a nutshell, this is a soft green tea bread filled with Azuki red bean paste and cream. The bun was very fluffy, with an earthy touch of matcha flavours. There’s also a subtle sweetness coming from the red beans and cream.

It’s not a particularly sweet treat, but makes a good quick bite.

Matcha Latte & Hojicha Latte (£3.80)

Image of a cup of matcha latte at WA Cafe Covent Garden
Image of a cup of Matcha Latte and Hojicha Latte at WA Cafe Covent Garden

Last time, I tried their Black Sesame Latte, which was impressively good. As tempted I was to get it again, I opted for a classic matcha latte instead to stick with my matcha theme for the day!

Same as the Black Sesame Latte, the latte art pattern was such a delightful visual. The milk was nice and frothy, with a good strength of quality matcha blended in. As for the Hojicha Latte, it’s got an extra roasted tea touch as well.

In summary…

WA Cafe Covent Garden has definitely won me over. Whether you’re a matcha fan or just looking for a chilled coffee shop to stop by in Covent Garden, WA Cafe is one to stop by.

  • Food
  • Atmosphere
  • Service
  • Value

Tel: 020 7240 5567
Website: https://www.wacafe.co.uk/
Instagram: @wacafelondon

Nearest station: Covent Garden

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