I don’t often venture out of central London often. But when you guys send me recommendations, I would always love to try out! WA Cafe is one that you guys have mentioned to me. At the same time, a good friend of mine was also coincidentally telling me to check out this place so here I am!

WA Cafe is located by Haven Green at Ealing Broadway. It is a Japanese patisserie, serving a range of pretty-looking pastries and cakes. You might not find super traditional Japanese pastries there, instead, you would find typical western pastries and desserts that are with a touch of Japanese influence. As I arrived at the shop, I immediately loved the place. The cafe has a very bright and modern setting. It’s simple but with a touch of sophistication. The only thing I didn’t like is that the shop is relatively small so the tables are rather closely packed together.

Kurogoma (Black Sesame Latte)

The cafe offers a range of standard coffee and teas but there’s this new one that they are promoting, i.e. the Kurogoma, which really caught my attention. The Kurogoma is, in a nutshell, Black Sesame Latte. It is composed of a shot of espresso, black sesame and soy milk. I have never enjoyed having soy milk in my coffee but this one somehow worked out absolutely fine.

Visually, I absolutely loved the latte art on the coffee. I find the patterns absolutely mesmerising. The texture of the coffee was very velvety and quite rich. It tasted very milky and the hint of coffee was comparatively mild. The black sesame was grounded very finely and blended with the coffee seamlessly without leaving a grainy texture. Every sip offered a distinct hit of black sesame and created such an interesting sensation to the palate. It’s naturally quite sweet so no extra sugar was needed. All in all, this is definitely something unique and worth trying.

Matcha Roll Cake

I must say a lot of the pastries and cakes were incredibly tempting. Many Western pastries are available, such as choux, gateau, shortcakes, etc. However, as it’s a Japanese cafe, after all, I decided to stick with something closer to home. So I picked the Matcha Roll Cake – a delicate sponge cake with a lightly whipped green tea cream and sweet azuki beans. The cake was light and delicate, though slightly dry to my liking. The green tea is imported from Kyoto, Japan, and it releases a beautiful fragrant that’s complemented with a delicate flavour.

In summary…

WA Cafe is certainly a little gem around the neighbourhood. It’s such a lovely spot for a quick takeaway or to sit down and savour some quality pastries. I will definitely be back to try out more of their pastries in the future!

Update: WA Cafe has now opened another branch in Covent Garden.

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  • Food
  • Value
  • Atmosphere
  • Service

Tel: 020 8991 7855
Website: https://www.wacafe.co.uk/
Instagram: @wacafelondon

Nearest station: Ealing Broadway


  1. Mandy Chow

    How can I pre-order a birthday cake ?

    1. ET Food Voyage

      Hi Mandy, you can go to their website and click ‘order’, which should then take you to their menu to choose from a list of available cakes 😊 hope this helps!

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