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I’ve heard good things about Alounak for a while now. I have always planned to visit the restaurant at Bayswater at some point for dinner or what not but somehow I never came round the time to do so. I did finally get to try this place out, but not at the restaurant. Instead I ordered it through Deliveroo (get £5 off your order here) and it got my food delivered to my doorsteps. I try hard to not make ordering deliveries a habit but sometimes when you are dead exhausted and desperate for a long due break, you are allowed to be lazy and spoil yourself a bit.

So I ordered us the Mixed Grill with Rice (£42.50) – which includes a skewer of marinated lamb, a skewer of diced tender lamb, two skewers of minced lamb and a skewer of marinated chicken breast served with grilled tomato and rice.


They food was delivered within a reasonable time frame. As the delivery guy was handing me over the food, he also kindly explained to me what all those extra condiments are for – I simply thought that was really sweet of him!

Anyway, they have put one container with all the meats and the other fully packed with rice. The portion was quite generous – we thought we could demolish the whole thing but perhaps it was still during the week and we both had a long day so we ended up having leftovers from it.

By no means I’m inferring the food is not good enough for us to clear it. In fact, the food was amazing! The meats were tender, juicy and flavoursome. My favourite is the minced lamb and the grilled chicken. The rice is incredibly as always – fluffy, flavourful and fragrant with its buttery aroma.

There’s no lack of Middle Eastern restaurants around London, but I think Alounak stands out from the crowd. It was just a delivery but the seasoning was on point and if it’s good like that, I can only imagine how scrumptious it is when it’s fresh in the restaurant.

My Rating: 4/5

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Address: 44 Westbourne Grove, Bayswater, London W2 5SH

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