This article was originally written in 2017, when quality bubble tea has yet to become a thing in London. Seeing the lack of proper bubble tea in the market beck then, Biju Bubble Tea was born to fill the gap. They have a shop in Soho and I also came across their stall inside Westfield (Shepherd’s Bush/White City), which is rather close to where I live and the first time I tried them out.

Fast forward to today, there are plenty more bubble tea spots around town especially with the arrival of well-known Taiwanese names such as The Alley, Xing Fu Tang, Machi Machi, etc. These Taiwanese names no doubt tops the chart for London’s best bubble tea, but Biju Bubble Tea remains a decent one for a quick fix.

Organic Kagoshima Matcha Range

Matcha Bubble Tea at Biju

Their matcha range is the latest I’ve tried out from Biju. In 2020, they have launched a new premium Matcha line using quality matcha imported straight from the Kagoshima region in Japan. Pictured are the Matcha Caramel Bubble Milk Tea (front) and the Matcha Cream Tea (back).

The matcha was very smooth to taste, not overpoweringly strong but still got a really good fragrance to it. I personally enjoyed the Matcha Caramel Milk Tea one as it got both a richer flavour and texture in overall.

Salted Cream Milk Tea

One item on the menu that really caught my attention back in 2017 was the Salted Cream Milk Tea. This is because it immediately transported me back to my secondary school days as I always stop by this particular bubble tea chain en route home from school and always get the Cream Milk Tea!

If you’re new to the Cream Tea concept, it’s basically a sweet and savoury (it’s slightly salted) cream mousse on top of the tea and creates this creamy velvety texture. I opted for a classic option and went with the Black Cream Tea. Verdict? It reminded me of a taste of home. Whilst not topping the ones at home, it’s still hit the right spots with its creaminess and wonderfully addictive sweet and subtly salted flavours.

Normally when I order this back home, tapioca isn’t included unless I order them as an extra. Here it’s included so I thought it was going to get rather heavy. Surprisingly though, yes it was a bit filling towards the end but it was not too heavy at all.

Hong Kong Style Tea

I’ve always gone for the most classic milk tea options at any bubble tea shops. Typically, I’d order Assam as the tea base. But then Biju got me eyeing the Hong Kong Style Tea during my 2017 visit as it just hit straight right to my heartstrings (if you don’t already know I’m from Hong Kong!). So I ordered that.

The tea was nice and mellow, with the right amount of sweetness. I personally feel it could use a slightly stronger brew as the distinctly strong Ceylon Tea taste is what makes Hong Kong-style milk tea stands out. But it’s still all decent I’d say. The tapioca was cooked nicely to a soft chewy texture and also carried some sweetness from the syrup with them – meaning that they’re cooked in the syrup, i.e. the authentic way.

In summary…

All in all, I was quite reasonably happy with the bubble tea quality at Biju Bubble Tea. Not the very best but one I wouldn’t mind stopping by for a quick fix should I come up with a craving. It certainly makes a convenient stop from your shopping break at Westfield too. In addition to classic milk teas, they’ve also got fruity iced teas and a variety of toppings other than tapioca pearls (e.g. popping fruits, herbal grass jelly, chia seeds, pudding and coconut water jellies).

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Tel: 020 8811 2299

Nearest Underground Station: Shepherds Bush

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