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It’s definitely rather rare for me to venture all the way to South London. When we decided to make our way south for Burnt Toast Cafe, I thought we might as well add in another south London spot to get places ticked off our list while we’re already in the area. So after our first breakfast at Brixton, we took a little walk over to Balham for a brunch round 2 at Apple Blue Patisserie.

Apple Blue Patisserie started out as just a little dessert stall and doing caterings. Then in 2018, the sisters behind Apple Blue has managed to turn it into a local cafe in Balham. The cafe is situated pretty much right next to Balham station. What I liked about the cafe are its bright interiors and chill vibe. At the front section of the shop, you’d find a variety of alluring cakes and pastries displayed. Then there’s a bright seating area further in. It might not be the biggest space but it certainly felt comfy and spacious.

Here is what we ordered:

Tonka Hot Chocolate (£3) & Iced Chai (£3.8)

Apple Blue Patisserie Hot Chocolate

Starting with the drinks, we absolutely loved the Tonka Hot Chocolate! The chocolate was really rich and satisfying. The little touch of tonka adds a vanilla fragrance to it and makes it a luscious drink in overall!

As for the Iced Chai, it’s certainly was an interesting one since I never since chai served cold before. It was actually very cinnamon-y but missing out the usual punchy spices. Since it’s iced, it tasted a bit watered-down quite quickly.

Dutch Baby Fried Chicken (£10.60)

Apple Blue Patisserie Fried Chicken Dutch Pancake

You’ve seen lots of chicken & waffles, now what about fried chicken & dutch pancakes?! I love fried chicken & waffles, so the idea of this was certainly very enticing for me. However, as exciting as the concept sounded, I’m afraid the flavours were slightly underwhelming on my visit. The chicken had a nice crispy coating but somehow the flavours were lacking. It didn’t exactly recreate the same guilty pleasure sensation of a good Chicken & Waffle would do. I also personally felt that the dutch pancake itself was slightly undercooked as well. It just felt like all the key components of the dish seem to be lacking just a little bit of something, which is a real shame.

The Salmon (£9.40)

Apple Blue Patisserie Salmon

This dish is named as ‘The Salmon’ as it’s genuinely all about the salmon with very generous amount being served! These smoked salmon were served over a sweet potato fondant, and topped with poached egg and burnt butter hollandaise.

The dish in overall was pretty lovely! Interestingly enough, our most favourite bit of this dish was the incredibly crispy kale! They’re just ridiculously crispy – almost reminding me of one of my childhood snacks of crispy seaweed. It’s just a really satisfying dish overall and will definitely recommend.

In summary…

Apple Blue Patisserie is certainly a decent cafe/brunch spot if you’re around the Balham area. It serves up quality ingredients and I loved its welcoming atmosphere as well. Even though the Fried Chicken Dutch Pancake turned out underwhelming, it wasn’t like a deal-breaker at all. If you are local to the Balham area, Apple Blue Patisserie is definitely worth stopping by.

Red Velvet Cakes at Apple Blue Patisserie
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Halal Status

Everything is halal at Apple Blue Patisserie.

Instagram: @applebluepatisserie

Nearest station: Balham

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