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Located just a stone’s throw away from Tottenham Court Road station is the Arcade Food Hall, which has recently been revamped with some new and exciting food lineups! We enjoyed our visit there. There are many boxes being ticked – e.g. central location, bright & modern interiors, vibrant but not overwhelming atmosphere and, of course, great food. In this article, we have put together all the halal food options you can find at Arcade Food Hall, as well as how everything works there.

Arcade Food Hall by JKS Restaurant Group

Let’s start with a little background – the Arcade Food Hall is curated by the award-winning JKS Restaurant Group, i.e the people behind high-profile London restaurants such as Hoppers, Bibi, Berenjak, Brigadiers, Gymkhana, etc. Thus you can totally trust that it has some of London’s best food lineups and are here to impress. The food hall houses eight open kitchens and a mezzanine restaurant. Each of them represents a different cuisine and aims to be a global food & drink destination in London.

P.S. You can find actual arcade machines at the downstairs level and are free to play!

How It Works at the Arcade Food Hall

We like to describe it as a serviced food court. You first get seated (reservations available too), and then given a menu that has all the food vendors on it. The best thing is that you can order from any vendor in one go via their online ordering service and the food will be brought to your table. In other words, if you like to try a few dishes from different food stalls, you don’t have to go up to each one of them to order and fetch the food. You simply sit back, order everything from as many vendors as you like from your seat and get served.

Halal Food Options at Arcade Food Hall

Useful information:

Location: Tottenham Court Road (click to open Google Maps location)
Instagram: arcadefoodhall


Manna is an American smash burger and fried chicken joint run by Bake Street’s Feroz Gajia. The smash burgers (we tried the regular and the hot one) were decent but not the best in our opinion compared to the likes of Smash N’ Slide or Chico’s. Though the Nashville chicken tenders, on the other hand, were quite a moreish treat, especially when paired with their jalapeno cream. What you must not miss out on is the seasoned waffle fries, which were incredibly addictive!

Halal status: All meats served are halal

Instagram: manna_ldn

Shatta and Toum

Shatta and Toum is essentially a sister restaurant from Berenjak. If you haven’t been to Berenjak before, they’re pretty much the best Persian restaurant in town. The Soho restaurant is always super busy & fully booked all the time, and is a testament to how good the food is. Therefore, you can rest assured that Shatta and Toum is here to deliver the same quality and high standards at the Arcade Food Hall. In terms of menu, Shatta and Toum offers a range of mezze and shawarma wraps, accompanied by some lovely side dish options such as Batata Harra, etc.

Halal status: All meats served are halal

Instagram: shatta_and_toum

Hero Indian

Masala Tater Tots from Hero Indian

Hero Indian specialises in North Indian fast food, with an emphasis on chatpatta (i.e. hot & sour) flavours. Samosas and other starters aside, their “First Class Pao Buns” definitely take the center stage on their menu. Unfortunately, the wagyu keema pao isn’t halal but you can still enjoy the butter chicken royale and tandoori gobhi aloo pao. The side dishes are just as impressive in my opinion as those masala tater tots are a thoroughly addictive munch, to say the least, and their corn on the cob looked truly drool-worthy.

Halal status: Chicken is halal

Instagram: heroindianfastfood

Other vegetarian/seafood options:

Spicy squid from Tipan Tapan

Tipan Tapan

Tipan Tapan specialises in Nepalese street food dishes. Whilst the meats are currently not halal, we did try their crispy spicy squid and really enjoyed it. The spices really danced on the palate and certainly left us wondering how good their other dishes could be. For next time, you bet I’ve got my eyes set on those Vegetables Momos!

Bebek! Bebek!

We were actually seated by Bebek!Bebek!’s kitchen during our visit and saw it first hand how alluring their food looked. Bebek!Bebek! offers Indonesian street food, specifically popular Javanese warungs & night market dishes such as beef satay and crispy duck/chicken plates loaded with sambal on top. Even though we couldn’t enjoy those meat dishes, the smashed aubergine – dressed with sambal, marinated tofu, and boiled egg – looked fantastic too and is something we wouldn’t mind trying next time!

Sushi Kamon

Sushi Kamon is a sushi kitchen developed by the founders of a high-end Japanese restaurant in High Street Kensington, named Yashin Sushi. Their sandos are not just regular sandos, but features innovative flavours such as pickled kumquat tempura prawn sando and jalapeno salmon sando. There are also a few Maki Rolls option on the menu which no doubt comes in top quality.

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