* Babaji Pide is no longer in business *

Babaji Pide is a Turkish restaurant right by China Town and Queens Theatre at Shaftesury Avenue. The restaurant has always appealed me whenever I walk past the area. I remember being captivated by the Turkish tile tables that were lined outside the restaurant during summer. Then I peeked into the restaurant and thought there was this chic yet elegant touch of it that I find compelling.

We visited for an early lunch on a Saturday. The restaurant was still fairly quiet at that time. Only the ground floor section was open then, and we got seated by their sofa seats that are lined along the windows. The place is different to the typical Turkish restaurant around town. There is this different flare of that chic Soho style incorporated to that traditional Turkish decor.

Manti (£10.50)

Turkish Manti at Babaji Pide

You all know I love dumplings – it’s in my blood. But dumplings aren’t just an East Asian specialty. The Turks have their own take on dumplings and they’re called Manti. Here at Babaji Pide, the dumplings are filled with ribeye beef and are served with yogurt, Turkish chilli flakes & butter.

These dumplings were absolutely adorable as they’re smaller in size. They tasted really clean to the palate and were an absolute delight. Though small in size, they fill you with satisfaction from that moist and flavoursome beef. We really enjoyed it and could only wish the dish was bigger!

Mevlana Pide (£11.50)

Turkish Pide at Babaji Pide

This place is called Babaji Pide so of course we had to order some pide from them. These Turkish pizzas were freshly baked from their brick oven. The menu offers nine different toppings combo of pide. The one we chose has beef, lamb, beef sucuk & kaşar cheese.

The pide was already neatly sliced up upon serving. I normally much prefer to keep my pizzas plain but this one, though having a mixture of meats as toppings, doesn’t feel too heavy at all. The flavours were well balanced and lusciously cheesy. The flavours of each meat were harmonious and plays on your palate nicely.

Turkish Coffee (£3)

Turkish Coffee at Babaji Pide

A Turkish meal ought to finish with some Turkish coffee. First things first, we absolutely loved the presentation of the coffee. The coffee was rich and intense. It certainly gives you a buzz upon every sip. A little piece of Turkish delight and a glass of water are also served altogether on the side to balance out that strong coffee. To be honest, it’s even better than the Turkish coffee I had while I was in Alanya, Turkey last summer.

In summary…

Summing up, this place is certainly worth checking out for. It’s a bit different from the usual and everything’s really pleasant. The portions aren’t too big and keeps you feel content rather than stuffed up. If you have theatre night, pop by for a pre-theatre meal and enjoy a light exquisite taste of Turkey.

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