It’s been nearly a year after I last visited Band of Burgers. Last time I was invited alongside a couple of other bloggers on a menu tasting session before it was even officially opened. The bloggers who’ve previously visited Band of Burgers’ Camden branch before all recommended to come back to try out their original burger. I’ve been meaning to oblige and finally after a good 8 months, we made out way to Bricklane to pay them a visit.

We arrived almost 3 pm on a Saturday for a late lunch and the restaurant was quite quiet. This time, all the refurbishments are all nicely set. A few little details changed from what I remembered but it is in overall pretty spacious and have a very chilled setting. The neon lights saying ‘Rock Your Tastebuds‘, which I recognized as one of the signature decors, was still there on the wall but now behind a counter.

After we were comfortably seated, we began our hard task of making food decisions. It was fun going through their menu as it has its sense of humour in it. Each dish had been creatively thought over and came up with witty names that made us chuckle as we went through the vast options on the menu.

Here’s what we’ve ordered:

Wings of Love (£5)

Peri Peri Chicken Wings at Band of Burgers

Okay the name might be slight cheesy in my opinion but wings are always a great idea to start when having a burger feast! You get to choose from BBQ, Peri Peri or Sweet Chilli sauce – and we picked Peri Peri.

These wings were pretty massive. They were meaty and definitely very saucy. The Peri Peri was tangy to taste but I would like to see a little kick of spice in it. All in all, they were very satisfying.

Signature Big Love Wagyu Burger (£13.80)

Signature Wagyu Burger at Band of Burgers

From all the burgers on the menu, this one captured me immediately because who doesn’t want Wagyu?!

This burger is made up of a homemade premium Wagyu beef patty, topped with melted Monterey Jack cheese, red onion marmalade, and maple glazed turkey bacon. It is also served with a bone marrow on the side.

The burger was definitely very filling one. The patty was beefy and juicy. I had mine medium rare and it did not disappoint. The mild and buttery flavour of the Monterey Jack cheese complemented the Wagyu beautifully. Personally, I felt it could have a stronger chargrilled flavour and sear. Also, for my own taste, the addition of maple-glazed turkey bacon felt a bit much. But for all you meat lovers out there, that’s definitely a bonus.

My favourite burger topping, outside of melted cheese, is for sure red onion marmalade. I absolutely loved the sweetness from it as it really rounds up the flavours of the burger. All in all, I really enjoyed the richness of this burger and that satisfying sensation it gave me (us) was just impeccable.

Bone Marrow at Band of Burgers

Another reason I chose this burger is because it comes with bone marrow on the side. The bone is where all the essence is concentrated at. Being a slow eater, by the time I was tackling this, it has gone cold so it’s not buttery as I anticipated. Though it turned a bit jelly-like, it’s still soft and mushy once you scraped it off the bone. In terms of flavour, I felt it was a bit under seasoned.

Mucky Fingers (£4.80)

Cheesy Fries at Band of Burgers

What gets your fingers all mucky? Cheese fries! This plate of fries topped with cheese comes in a much bigger size than expected. Different to typical cheese fries, they don’t use processed cheese sauce but use an actual cheese mix. We’re not cheese experts but we could make out the use of mozzarella, parmesan, and Monterey Jack or cheddar.

I absolutely loved the fries which were of a rustic touch, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Because it’s a lot of real cheese on top, it did taste quite rich and even got a bit heavy after a while. For that reason, I do recommend sharing this rather than scoffing this down all on your own.

Thyme After Thyme (£2.80)

I also ordered some Rosemary & Thyme chips to come with my burger. Again, they were in a huge portion and I couldn’t manage to finish them. But I must say I absolutely adored them. As mentioned above, the chips were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. It carried this rusticity which I loved and it was very well seasoned. The flavours were addictive and I wish I had a bigger capacity to stomach all such goodness in me! We ended up packing these fries up and took them home for later that evening.

Passionfruit Mojito (Mocktail) (£4.90)

Passionfruit Mojito Mocktail at Band of Burgers

Last but not least, drinks. We went for a Passionfruit mojito from the mocktails menu, which was made with a blend of passionfruit puree, orange, lime, sparkling water and mint. The drink was super refreshing and zingy to taste. It’s the perfect tropical summer quencher!

In summary…

…this little revisit to Band of Burgers was a very enjoyable one. Their food definitely improved from my previous visit and it did not disappoint from my expectations. We both left with a massive food baby in our bellies and we even jokingly named it Bob, i.e. Band Of Burgers!

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Tel: 020 7059 0224

Nearest station: Aldgate East (Hammersmith & City Line)

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