Where to Find the Best Croissants in Paris

A tray of croissants in Paris

When one says Paris, three things immediately come to my mind. No, it’s not the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, or Champs de Elysee. It is croissants, macaroons, and hot chocolate! For this article, let’s focus on the first one – le croissants. Simply put, a visit to Paris must always include at least a croissant or two. In fact, if you’re a passionate pastry lover, it would be totally worth it just to visit Paris with the goal of hunting down the best croissants. Want to know where all the best spots are? I’ve put together a list of where to find the best croissants in Paris so you can just save this post and off you go on your Parisian pastry-tasting voyage!

What does it take to make good croissants?

Great croissants, and pastries in general, are a work of art. If you have ever attempted to make a croissant from scratch at home, you’d know how much work & time go behind it. It’s not just about getting the perfect crispiness on the outside, but also the airiness & flakiness of the croissant interior which can only be achieved with the perfect lamination, the right resting time for the dough, and many other small details. To get the perfect balance between the golden crisp, flaky but chewy, and airy but moist texture, it’s something that takes time to develop the perfect recipe. And the French, especially the Parisians, are known to have mastered the secrets to it all! Let’s look at some of the best bakeries you can find in Paris to appreciate this viennoiserie art –

The Best Bakeries in Paris for Croissants

This list is not arranged in any particular order.

La Maison d’Isabelle

Voted Best Butter Croissant in Paris 2018, the hype around La Maison d’Isabelle is real. Her unique recipe uses flour from Moulins de Brasseuil and butter from Pamplie dairy farmers, which yields some of the best quality bakery goods in the city. It is no surprise that, apart from the best croissant, they also boast some of the best baguettes in Paris. The best part is that, despite its accolades, La Maison d’Isabelle has kept its prices unchanged at €1 for each croissant. Don’t we all love a bargain!


The crowd never lies. Mamiche has been a very popular bakery spot in Paris since the opening of its first shop. They pride themselves in adding a modern twist on classic French bread & pastries, and using only the best quality ingredients such as AOP Poitou-Charente butter and Valrhona chocolate for all their bakery goods. Apart from precious croissants, they also make fantastic babkas which you must not miss out on!

Location: Various
(Google Map links: 9th ARR. / 10th ARR.)

Instagram: boulangeriemamiche

Du Pain et des Idées

They might be more known for their spiral-shaped escargots pastries but Du Pain Et Des Idees also make some of the best croissants in Paris as well! It is a must-visit bakery when in Paris, attracting a pilgrimage of bread & pastry lovers daily. Apart from stellar bakery goods, Du Pain Et Des Idees also boasts itself as one of the prettiest bakeries in Paris, featuring a late-19th-century interior and an unmissable hand-painted glass ceiling. It is a bucket list bakery to visit when in Paris.

Liberte Boulangerie

Stepping into Liberte Boulangerie feels like entering an artist’s workshop rather than the accustomed fancy shopfront across Paris. Made with AOP butter, a.k.a. the best French butter, and with lots of love from a team of expert bakers, these croissants certainly deserve one of the top spots for best croissants in Paris. Additionally, if you have time to sit down, don’t miss out on trying their famous Pain Perdu!

Location: Various
(Google Map links: Latin Quarter / 3rd ARR. / 9th ARR. / 10th ARR.)

Visit Website
Instagram: liberte.paris

Fou de Patisserie

The tricolour croissant by Yohan Ferrant, filled with chocolate, at Fou de Patisserie is easily one of the best & most impressive pastries I’ve ever laid eyes on. Fou de Patisserie is a pastry lover’s dream because it brings together some of the most famous French pastry chef names under one roof. Pierre Marcolini, Pierre Hermé, Jacques Genin, Catherine Kluger, Jean-Francois Foucher, Cyril Lignac and so on…they have it all!

Location: Various
(Google Map links: 2nd ARR. / Saint Germain / Pigalle)

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Instagram: foudepatisserie

La Patisserie Cyril Lignac

Is the hype around celebrity pastry chef, Cyril Lignac, worth it? Grab yourself one of his croissants and you’ll find out! Expect the most buttery melt-in-your-mouth sensation but also the lightest croissant you can taste. It is certainly one of the best croissants in Paris and some well-deserved hype for La Patisserie Cyril Lignac.

Location: Various
(Google Map links: Sainte Marguerite / Chaillot / 6th ARR.)

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Instagram: cyril_lignac

Des Gâteaux et du Pain

Claire Damon has made herself a name as one of the few top female pastry chefs. Des Gateaux et du Pain is her flagship bakery and her croissants are an embodiment of refinement and luxury. Other than classic croissants, Des Gateaux et du Pain is most renowned for their Chausson Aux Pomms, which takes no fewer than 6 days to make and is a true pastry masterpiece.

Location: Various
(Google Map links: Saint Germain / 7th ARR.)

Visit Website
Instagram: desgateauxetdupain.clairedamon

Maison Carton Paris

Maison Carton Paris is a family bakery running since 1956. Other than classic butter croissants, they also offer a variety of stuffed croissants as well whichever tickles your fancy. In 2022, they have been elected as one of the best croissants in Paris!

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