Paris: Le Butcher Halal Burger

I don’t know about you but I find it really comforting to know there’s a halal gourmet burger place in the city centre when travelling to non-muslim countries. At least I had that relief when I found Le Butcher when I was doing my research prior my Paris trip.

Le Butcher is a halal burger joint in the centre of Paris. It’s not too far off from Champs Elysees so it’s fairly easy to find and reach. It’s opened from 12-3pm and 6.30-11pm – we didn’t know that and arrived at 6pm so don’t make the same little mistake we did!

So we had another little stroll around the area and then came back after 6.30pm. The place has a very simple setting, with lights lighting up the world ‘Butcher’. A really sweet lady greeted us and brought us to our table. It wasn’t busy in there and pretty chilled out.

Le Butcher’s menu offers a pretty extensive choice of burgers. And like any other classic burger joint, they offer milkshakes of various flavours as well. Apart from that, they also have a salad section, tarts, and even juice section. In other words, there arelots of options for you to choose from!

Le Friedland (€16,90)

The Le Friedland burger consisted of 150g organic steak, duck foie gras, shallots, cheddar, arugula, and caramelized onions. When I see duck foie gras, I just had to order it. I double-checked with the staff whether it’s halal and got the confirmation that yes it is!

The patty was really beefy and flavourful. I personally found the burger patty a bit on the dry side. For my personal preference, I definitely would’ve preferred a more medium-rare texture. It could also feel dry because the buns were quite thick – thicker than necessary to soak up the fillings. Nevertheless, the overall flavour of the burger had been pretty decent. From the melty cheese on top of the patty to the delectable flavours from the duck foie gras, and the final touch of caramelized onions – the flavours complemented one another well and takes you on a palatable journey. I’d say every component of the burger still has room to elevate its delicacy but overall, everything worked pretty decent altogether.

Le Foch (€13,90)

The Le Foch burger was made with 150g organic steak, pesto, mozzarella, rocket, crushed tomatoes, basil, and shallots. Again, the beef patty was decent. This burger offered a more refreshing flavour from the combo of pesto, tomatoes and basil. The use of mozzarella cheese gave a lighter taste than cheddar as well.

Entrecote (€19)

Entrecote is generally a ribeye steak. After the decent burgers, we were anticipating for a juicy halal steak. However, I must admit we were a tad disappointed when the steak served in front of us was literally merely a sheet thin.

Thankfully, the flavour of the steak was okay. There was this nice chargrilled flavour on the steak. It was beefy to taste too. As it’s so thin, there’s definitely no medium rare texture and was relatively dry, which was a real shame. The steak was served alongside a simple salad. Fries would have to be ordered separately. In that sense, it felt a bit overpriced since it’s a merely a piece of thin sheet steak with hardly any thickness plus a little salad – nothing particularly substantial.

In summary… it a banging burger joint? I feel we’re quite spoilt in London for quality gourmet burgers, so I’m not particularly impressed with Le Butcher. It’s decent burgers and certainly a nice venue. I’m not aware of any other halal gourmet burger joints available in central Paris so I’m definitely not complaining though!

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Halal Status

Everything at Le Butcher is halal.

Tel: +33 1 47 20 28 84

Instagram: @le.butcher

Nearest metro station: Saint-Philippe-du-Roule

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