The Best Halal Laksa in London

Whether you’re looking for a warming hug-in-a-bowl during winter or something piquant to open up your appetite in summer, a good Laksa always does the job. Laksa is definitely one of my favourite noodle soups and, lucky enough, London has quite a few great halal laksa options to offer! We love visiting Malaysian restaurants in London (they’re always cheap and cheerful!) so we’ve put together a list of our go-to places for a good laksa fix.

What is Laksa

If you haven’t had a laksa before, laksa is a spicy noodle soup that originated in Malaysia and Singapore. It is served with either egg noodles, rice vermicelli, or a mix of both! Typical laksa toppings include prawns and/or chicken, together with tofu puffs, beansprouts, etc. A laksa is usually spicy, tangy, and coconut-y, though flavours vary depending on the style and variation.

Where to find the Best Halal Laksa in London

Hawker’s Kitchen

A bowl of Curry Laksa at Hawker's Kitchen London

Hawker’s Kitchen is a humble little local gem in King’s Cross serving Mamak-style Malaysian and South Indian cuisines. Their Char Kway Teow is absolutely stellar and their Curry Laksa is a pretty decent one too. You can choose between chicken, mixed vegetables or prawns as your laksa toppings, and it also comes loaded with boiled egg, tofu puffs, fish balls, and bean sprouts. Expect a fragrant coconut-y broth with a good kick of spice that will get you wanting more! Wash it down with a steaming cup of Teh Tarik and it seriously couldn’t get more satisfying than this.

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Location: King’s Cross (click to open Google Maps location)
Halal status: Fully halal


A bowl of Curry Laksa at Normah's London

I have posted about Normah’s many times now and when it comes to looking for the best Malaysian food in London, it’s firmly my favourite one and holds the top spot on the list. Normah’s laksa wins with its authentic homely touch. Do you know what is our favourite order? The Curry Laksa plus a side of roti! Normah’s roti is seriously the best in the whole of the UK and it’s perfect to pair with any leftover laksa soup. Once again, I couldn’t recommend Normah’s enough!

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Location: Queensway (click to open Google Maps location)
Halal status: Fully halal

Sambal Shiok

Two bowls of Laksa and a bowl of Beef Rendang at Sambal Shiok London

From humble street food stall beginnings to restaurant pop-ups to now a permanent site, Sambal Shiok has been a very popular spot for offering one of the top laksas in London. If you’re looking for a good hit of spice, Sambal Shiok‘s laksa can deliver that (you can even ask for extra hot). Choose from their signature laksa, Assam laksa, or even a vegan laksa option. In addition, they also offer some terrific Malaysian-style fried chicken and gado-gado salad to satisfy your Malaysian cravings.

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Location: Holloway Road (click to open Google Maps location)
Halal status: All meats served are halal. Alcohol is present at the restaurant.

Putera Puteri

A new Malaysian restaurant addition in the Queensway/Bayswater area is Putera Puteri, who’s been winning the hearts and bellies of locals. One thing that really strikes us is how massive their curry laksa was! Flavour-wise, it was spot on as well, featuring a beautifully fragrant curry coconut broth, intricately laced with a tingle of spice that sends down a warming sensation down your stomach. Definitely deserves a top spot in my opinion!

Location: Bayswater (click to open Google Maps location)
Halal status: Fully halal


A bowl of Laksa at Laksamania London

If you’re looking to sample through different regional styles of laksa in London, Laksamania offers a really good selection to choose from. Its menu offers a range of laksa styles such as Ipoh style, Singaporean style, Assam style, Nyonya style, etc. My go-to is either the Singaporean curry laksa or the Signature Tiger Prawn one. Both of them have been consistently good at every visit so far and they come in great portions. All options on the laksa menu are halal-friendly with one exception where pork is involved as a topping – you can ask the staff to swap it with chicken.

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Location: Tottenham Court Road (click to open Google Maps location)
Halal status: Chicken is halal. Alcohol is present at the restaurant.


A bowl of Curry Laksa at Tukdin London

Situated in between Paddington and Lancaster Gate is another popular local halal Malaysian restaurant named Tukdin. Their Curry Laksa wins with the generous amount of toppings they include. Apart from the usual tofu puffs, beansprouts, boiled egg and vegetables, Tukdin’s curry laksa is also loaded with chicken, prawns, and mussels.

Location: Paddington (click to open Google Maps location)
Halal status: Fully halal

Old Chang Kee

A bowl of Singaporean Curry Laksa at Old Chang Kee London

Old Chang Kee is famous for its Singaporean curry puffs but they also do a decent bowl of Laksa! It’s especially ideal if you’re looking for a quick bite around either Covent Garden or Fitzrovia. What you can expect is a fragrant, creamy laksa soup base, with the tofu puffs soaking up the flavours and topped with prawns, beansprouts, egg, etc. It’s also on the milder end of flavours but the little pot of sambal on the side would give you a little boost of flavours. Last but not least, don’t forget to get a curry puff with it too!

Location: Covent Garden (click to open Google Maps location)
Halal status: All meats served are halal

Rasa Sayang

A bowl of Singaporean Laksa at Rasa Sayang London

Longstanding a popular halal Malaysian & Singaporean restaurant in Chinatown, Rasa Sayang offers an excellent range of traditional hawker-style dishes, including the Raffles Singapore Laksa. Flavours are on the milder end for Rasa Sayang’s laksa, but it’s still a decent one and its generous portions certainly make up for it. Our firm favourite orders at Rasa Sayang include the Chicken Satay, Roti Chicken Curry, and Hainanese Chicken Rice!

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Location: Chinatown
Halal status: All meats served are halal. Alcohol is present at the restaurant.

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