A viral TikTok video has led to the hype for Birria Tacos in London. Halal Mexican food hasn’t been easy to come by, but thanks to this trend, we might be in for a treat with at least some halal Birria tacos. One of the new ones popping up on the market is Birria Taco, a click-and-collect takeout spot in Sussex Gardens by Edgware Road. They have taken up a kitchen spot downstairs of the Ventures Hotel, a small busy kitchen space operating through the weekends (Fridays to Sundays) specialising all things Birria-related.

What’s the real hype about Birria Taco? Birria means spicy meat stew, a speciality especially known around Guadalajara. It is actually a dish served for special occasions such as weddings, but is also often served in the form of tacos, i.e. Birria tacos.

Lamb Birria Taco (£12 – 3 tacos)

Lamb Birria Tacos from Birria Taco

Birria Taco only offers a lamb option on their menu and they come in three tacos for each box. These crispy corn tortillas are stuffed with slow-cooked lamb and cheese, topped with white onions, salsa, cilantro, jalapeno and a squeeze of lime. The meat was slow-cooked in a spiced broth till extremely tender and the fat that sits on top of the broth is then used for dipping the tortilla in before pan-frying it.

It comes with a bowl of consommé on the side. By dipping the tacos into it, it brings out the richness of flavours from the meat. I’d recommend asking for a little bit of spice as I find it really helps to make the flavours pop and give it an oomph.

Birria Ramen (£9.50)

Bringing the Birria concept to a different level, Birria Taco has also launched a Birria ramen, serving ramen noodles in a rich lamb Birria broth, topped with shredded lamb Birria, white crisp onions and cilantro. The concept works quite well in my opinion as the deep rich meat broth certainly goes well with noodles. Instead of thick tonkatsu-like ramen broth, expect melt-in-your-mouth tender lamb meat here. Allow the noodles to sit in the broth for a little bit to let the flavours get through and this would be quite a joy to savour.

In summary

Birria Taco is no doubt a great addition to the west London halal foodie scene and a great spot to get your taco fix! Its popularity within just 2 weeks of opening has proven its substantiality. If you ever need some food inspiration for the weekends, this is one to keep on the list.

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Halal Status

Everything is halal at Birria Taco

Tel: 07955729915
Website: https://birriataco.square.site/
Instagram: @birriatacouk

Nearest station: Edgware Road

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