It felt like it’s been absolutely forever since I last wrote a restaurant review! With restaurants finally allowed to open for dine-in again, here is our first-ever restaurant visit after months. Originally, I totally thought my first restaurant visit would be Normah’s but they have yet to reopen at the moment. My friends and I decided we should try something different, i.e. something we all haven’t been cooking or ordering as takeaways during this whole lockdown period. That’s when I came across Mestizo, a Mexican restaurant that serves halal options!

Mestizo Restaurant: Halal Mexican Food in London

I hardly recall seeing halal Mexican restaurants around. There have been the occasional taco vendors offering halal chicken options but those places have a very limited menu. At Mestizo, they have quite an extensive menu of Mexican dishes, with both chicken and beef are halal, as well as some lamb dishes (the lamb barbacoa and lamb shank).

The restaurant itself was pretty spacious and laid back, with plenty of natural light filtering in. To start with, we were given some complimentary tortilla chips, sprinkled with sea salt and accompanied by salsa verde. I really enjoyed the refreshing tangy flavours of the salsa, which was great for opening up the palate before the meat feast we’ve got for ourselves.

Filete Tampiquena (£26)

Image of a plate of grilled beef fillet with rice, guacamole, enchilada and beans at Mestizo Restaurant

We got a couple of main dishes to share among the three of us. Starting with the Filete Tampiquena – which is grilled beef fillet, accompanied by a chicken enchilada, guacamole, and rajas con crema, and garnished with queso fresco ranchero.

I love how it’s almost like you get a little taste of everything here on this dish. For instance, I was hoping to try the chicken enchilada, but it would be too much if we ordered a complete separate main for it. So it’s great that you get a little taste of it as well along with the steak!

The steak was nicely seared and tender. I personally really enjoyed the rajas con crema, which got a very nice savoury touch and paired well with the steak. As for the chicken enchilada, it’s got a sharp tangy touch to it and not as spicy as I would’ve anticipated – still great though regardless.

Lamb Barbacoa Tacos (£10)

Image of a plate of lamb barbacoa tacos at Mestizo Restaurant

This one’s my personal favourite. The marinated slow-cooked lamb was so deliciously juicy and flavourful. Each bite was oozing of such rich umami flavours and I honestly felt like I could just eat this all day.

It comes with corn tortillas, salsa verde, chopped onions, and fresh coriander leaves. They all just go so perfectly with the lamb, offering the perfect little crunch from the onions, and a beautiful boost of flavours with the salsa verde and coriander.

Mixiote de Cordero (£21)

For the last main dish, we went for the marinated lamb shank wrapped in banana leaf. It was then steamed until tender, served with rice & beans plus tortilla.

The meat was certainly very tender and succulent. I loved the mild tingle of spices from it, with a subtle heat seeping through the palate. It was saucy as well, perfect to pair with rice.


Image of a glass of Cozumel mocktail at Mestizo Restaurant

Apart from the usual soft drinks, Mestizo offers a couple of non-alcoholic drinks on their extensive drinks menu as well.

Pictured is the Cozumel (£3.80) – a mocktail made with banana, coconut & pineapple juice. It’s nicely decorated with sugar lined at the rim of the glass!

Another friend got the Agua de Jamaica (£2.60 per glass / £10 pitcher) – a refreshing cordial drink made with hibiscus flower, sugar and water.

Restaurant Review Summary

Summing up, we have certainly enjoyed dining at Mestizo and I have found it quite an eye-opener to Mexican cuisine myself. Despite the lack of other Mexican restaurants to benchmark from, my taste buds have thoroughly enjoyed the food. This has most certainly got me particularly keen on exploring more Mexican flavours and cuisine from now on. If you know of any other Mexican eateries that offer halal options, please let me know!

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Halal Status

Chicken & Beef are halal, as well as selected Lamb dishes – handled and cooked separately from non-halal items. Please confirm with staff.

Pork and alcohol served in the restaurant.

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Tel: 020 7387 4064
Instagram: @mestizorestaurant

Nearest station: Warren Street / Euston Square

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Mestizo Restaurant Review
Mestizo Restaurant Review
Mestizo Restaurant Review

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