There’s been a cookie hype and it filled up my phone screen every time I logged onto my Instagram. And it remained that way for the whole year. Creme London has most definitely taken social media by storm ever since launching its shop in Soho. Stories of long queues have put me off from visiting but finally came the chance where I happened to walk past the shop and see only a very short queue out there. So I stepped into Creme London and eventually came out with a couple of cookies in hand to take home. Are they worth the hype? Here is my view on them.

Creme London: Cookies of Social Media

One thing that’s completely undeniable is the perfect branding from Creme. From the facade of its shopfront down to the details of its napkins, they have nailed it to a tee. The pastel pink colour is guaranteed to be a popular hit on social media and images/videos of their thick New York-style cookies are set to make everyone hit ‘like’ & ‘share’ on their screens.

Stepping into the shop was like entering cookie heaven. A luscious buttery aroma that filled up every sense and was alluring enough to tempt even the strictest of dieters. This is how you get everyone crazy over your brand.

The Cookies (£4 each)

I’ve picked out three cookies from them, one of each for the Double Chocolate, Miso White Chocolate, and Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie. Even though I didn’t get the pretty Instagrammable box, these cookies were still very nicely packaged in pink individual paper bags.

These cookies come decently huge in size and are pretty thick as well. I very briefly warmed them up in the oven as I arrived home, eager to recreate that Instagram look of oozing cookie centres. The cookies had a cakey texture and held their shape well instead of getting too crumbly as I break them into halves. The chocolate chips inside were warm enough to create that melty and gooey look. Aesthetically, these cookies were totally winning it.

Flavour-wise, the Milk Chocolate Chip one was a safe pick and my favourite out of the three. The Miso White Chocolate was one that I was anticipating the most with its unique flavour description. However, it didn’t taste much at the beginning and the savoury edge only started to slightly pop out halfway through for some reason. Essentially, it’s like a salted chocolate cookie, but with a more cutting-edge savoury touch of flavour. It’s kind of unique but, even then, it wasn’t as wowing as I would’ve originally expected. As for the Double Chocolate Cookie, it was really rich, which would be most suited for dark chocolate lovers but it was also just a tad bit overwhelming at times.

Food Review Summary

Are Creme London’s cookies worth the hype? I’m just going to be straight up and say, in my most honest sincerity, no. Don’t get me wrong, they’re decent and not bad. But I didn’t find them as impressive as the way everyone seemed to rave about them. Packaging and all things aesthetics were on point. However, the flavours were easily forgettable in my opinion. Therefore, I’m afraid I’d have to disagree with those who claim them as the best cookies you could ever get your hands on.

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Tel: 020 3457 2000
Instagram: cremelondon

Nearest station: Tottenham Court Road

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