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Let’s cut straight to the chase, Cutter & Squidge Soho has reopened its doors! Aside from their usual stunning cakes and biskies, they have renovated their tea room section into an all-day cafe and came up with a new menu that features a mix of both sweet & savoury offerings. Having enjoyed their cakes before, we were excited to be invited to their Soho reopening launch to check out all the new items.

If you’re not familiar with Cutter & Squidge before, they pride themselves on being the only 100% all-natural bakery/cafe in London. They are well-known for their dreamy five-layer seasonal cakes and their unique creation of Biskies. You can read more about them here in one of my old posts.

Frankly, it wasn’t a huge change from what I remembered the place to be a few years back. Things in the tea room area have been moved around a little bit and repainted with hues of pastel pink. Furniture-wise, the space is lined with modern-looking white marble-top tables, paired with golden copperware. We tried their newly-designed Soho menu, which is an all-day menu served from Wednesdays to Sundays between 11am till 6pm.

Here is what we had from the Soho menu:

*Disclaimer: We were invited as part of Cutter & Squidge’s soft launch. Our meal was complimentary but all thoughts are our own.

The Purple Mist (Iced Lavender Latte)

This purple stunner is a lavender iced latte. The coffee was a little stronger than I originally anticipated, with a slight acidic undertone. Tiny bits of dried edible lavender petals are laced within the thick creamy foam, adding a floral touch that cuts through the creamy layer. It’s good but not particularly a super impressive one either. Though it definitely wins at aesthetics!

Loaded Sandos

Cutter & Squidge Soho menu sandwiches

For sandos, we went with the Sweet Potato Katsu and the Egg Salad & Chives sandwiches. Both of them were presented very nicely with vibrant edible flowers as garnishes, giving off a blooming spring vibe.

The sweet potato katsu sando was an interesting one, featuring a breaded piece of sweet potato, as well as are avocado, greens, and sriracha. It didn’t come as crispy as I anticipated as I bite into the sweet potato katsu and I personally would’ve liked a slightly more caramelised edge from the sweet potato (something more like sweet potato fries if that makes sense?). With the mushier texture, I also felt the pairing with avocado doesn’t create much of a contrast and wasn’t a huge fan of the overall sandwich. Though this is coming from a non-avocado fan here and a personal preference.

As for the egg salad & chives sando, it’s a classic and the flavours were fairly standard. It’s a little too creamy overall to my personal liking. But these sandwiches are definitely massive and are filling ones indeed.

Sweetcorn Fritters

Then we had the sweetcorn fritters, which were quite nice and I particularly enjoyed the salsa that comes with it. It’s sweet but flavourful with a nice subtle kick – pairing well with the sweetcorn fritters. The sweetcorn fritters themselves featured a nice balance of corn and batter. Generally, they tasted really clean and makes a lovely dish overall.

Warm Bread with Balsamic Vinegar, Olive Oil and Garlic Confit

A simple combination of warm bread with quality balsamic vinegar couldn’t go wrong. The bread here resembled focaccia, especially with the notes of garlic and rosemary flavours. It’s on the sharper end when it comes to the acidity of the balsamic vinegar, with a mild sweetness sweeping through. If I were to pick on it, I would say I would’ve liked the bread to be a little fluffier and the balsamic to showcase even more complexity in flavours. But overall it’s a nice one and I generally enjoyed it.

Yum Yum Fries

A simple side of fries that’s tossed with a touch of paprika, garlic powder, and onion powder. The seasoning was pretty spot-on as these are some flavour combos that can do no wrong and are pretty addictive. As for the fries themselves, they’ve fairly decent – not the crispiest but decently nice and fluffy. It actually was one of my favourites of the meal.

Loaded Chopped Salad

We had the Greek God Salad, which consisted of avocado, vegan feta, tomatoes, cucumber, garlic confit, aged balsamic vinaigrette, croutons, and olives. The loaded salad was very much loaded. It’s a generous portion and screamed of a Mediterranean holiday. Once again, edible flowers adorned the dish to add an even more summery vibe to it and are very aesthetically pretty.

Custard French Toast

Cutter & Squidge Custard French Toast

Generously loaded with fruits, the French Toast is for sure a very pretty and tropically fruity one. With a drizzle of maple syrup, you get a mix of sweetness and tartness from the fruits, and all flavours are rounded up with a light yuzu mascarpone layer. Without a single doubt, it’s one for the fruit lovers indeed.

Loaded Croissant

Cutter & Squidge Loaded Croissant

The loaded croissant was essentially avocado toast but with a croissant instead. Anticipating a little yolk action, the poached egg unfortunately didn’t turn out runny. The plate was dotted with a mango sauce, which was a unique and refreshing pairing. We thought it was an okay dish but nothing too special about it. The spinach on the side felt a little redundant in our opinions.

Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake

Cutter & Squidge Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake

Last but not least, we were treated with a slice of their signature cake. The current seasonal flavour was the Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake. There were a lot of flavours going on with the cake. From the vanilla sponge layers to the smooth cream cheese custard layers that are laced with lemon curd and blueberry jam, the cake slice looked great and it was certainly a decadent one to enjoy.

In summary…

It is great to see Cutter & Squidge Soho reopening its doors again and they no doubt remain a big name when it comes to cakes & such in London. The new Soho menu has its draws but, ultimately, it’s the sweet items that stood out over the savouries. Anyhow, whether you’re looking to grab a quick bite/pretty-looking drinks and rest your feet, or fancy treating yourself to their signature dream cakes, Cutter & Squidge Soho always is a nice spot to stop by.

Halal Status: Cutter & Squidge does not serve halal meats but there are plenty of vegetarian/pescatarian options marked as halal-friendly on the menu.

Cutter & Squidge Soho Menu Review
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Halal Status

Cutter & Squidge does not serve halal meats but there are plenty of vegetarian/pescatarian options marked as halal-friendly on the menu.

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