*Update: Deviant Cookies is no longer in business

It all started with the love of cookies. Deviant Cookies’ founder, Chloe, has been a self-professed cookie addict since a young age. Today, she has turned her passion into a small business offering postal cookies nationwide across the UK. She and her boyfriend have sampled cookies from around the world and her ultimate favourite has been the thick and gooey American cookies, which is the type of cookie that makes Deviant Cookies today.

Every month comes with a different menu in a mixed box of 6 cookies. You can also order each flavour individually and make up your own box of cookies (minimum order is 6). Do check for the dispatch date on the website and the cookies are shipped nationwide via DHL within 1-2 working days. They are very well-packaged, each individually packed and comes with a lovely handwritten note.

Biscoff Cookie at Deviant Cookie
Biscoff Cookie

The Cookies at Deviant Cookies

The cookies cost £4 each or £24 in a box of 6. Each cookie weighs 170g, which is absolutely massive! The height of the cookies is truly impressive. The flavours I got are:

  • Red Velvet (x2)
  • Chocolate Chip (x2)
  • Biscoff
  • Cookies & Cream
Gooey Red Velvet Cookie from Deviant Cookies
Red Velvet Cookie

These cookies are absolutely irresistible and incredibly delicious. They’re all amazing but if I were to pick my ultimate favourite out of the four, the Biscoff Cookie stood out the most and had completely stolen my heart. It’s got a mix of both white and gold chocolate chips, Biscoff, and is filled with a luscious dulce de leche. There’s this subtle savoury hint that just made me couldn’t stop munching at all!

One could also never go wrong with a classic Chocolate Chip Cookie. Cleverly blended with both dark and milk chocolate chips, these cookies from Deviant Cookies are a bundle of joy.

The Red Velvet one features a mild vanilla fragrance, complemented with white chocolate chips and a cream cheese style filling. It was a decadent treat, so was the Cookies & Cream which was nicely topped with a piece of Oreo.

Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie from Deviant Cookies
The Chocolate Chip Cookie

Reheat your cookies in the oven

Each batch of cookies is freshly baked before being sent. They are as fresh as possible but won’t be fresh-out-of-oven warm by the time they reach your doorstep. To recreate that “Instagram” gooey look, you’ll have to reheat the cookies in the oven for a quick 5-10 minutes. The cookies generally taste better when warm and that gooey texture after reheating was pure bliss to enjoy.

Microwave works too for reheating the cookies. It’s much quicker (20-30 seconds only) but, having tried both methods, I can report that the oven works better! Additionally, these cookies are freezable. This means, if you ordered a big batch and planned to save some for later, simply pop the unopened cookies into the freezer. Whenever you crave these cookies, you just have to reheat them in the oven and it’d taste just like fresh.

Cookies & Cream Cookie

Food Review Summary

To sum up, I absolutely adore these cookies from Deviant Cookies and would recommend them without a doubt. These postal cookies are definitely my new favourite thing to receive in my mailbox.

They are not the only ones doing UK nationwide postal cookies either. You can find out what other cookies are out there available for delivery on my post on UK Nationwide Cookies Delivery.

Deviant Cookies Rating
  • Food
  • Value
  • Service


Absolutely amazing postal cookies that are gigantically thick and gooey, and are totally worth the value!

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