Nothing screams more Paris than good crepes & galettes. I’ve always got this question when I’m in Paris – savoury galettes or sweet crepes? On my Instagram poll, 82% of you voted for sweet. But honestly, I can’t choose between the two as I love both so much! That’s why I was thrilled when La Petite Bretagne invited me over for a little crepe feast.

La Petite Bretagne is a French cafe/restaurant that started out at Hammersmith. Owner Antoine has been inspired by his dear grandmother and has decided to bring over the best of French Brittany here in London. It also has a branch in Dalston if you’re based in east London. The interior follows a simple but cheerful neighbourhood cafe style and gives a very welcoming vibe as you step in.

Savoury Galettes

All their savoury crepes are made with buckwheat flour, which is gluten-free & wheat-free!

Oceane (£9.95)

In this Oceane galette, the filling includes smoked salmon, dill, crème fraiche, and lemon. We absolutely adored this one. There’s very generous amount of smoked salmon in there. It’s very well-seasoned, with just the right amount of creme fraiche to balance the flavours. The crepe itself was very nice and crispy around the edges.


You all well know I’m not vegan but I was very drawn to the idea of a Ratatouille Gallete so I decided to give it a try. Visually it may not be the most outstanding but the flavours were there. It certainly carries a very nice touch of Southern France thanks to the abundance of herbes de Provence seasoning in it. The whole dish was packed with veggies and felt really light.

Sweet Crepes

The sweet crepes are made with normal flour. You can request it to be made with buckwheat flour for a gluten-free option!


You know that delicious biscuit Biscoff? Yes, they’re got that on the menu for sweet crepes! Drizzled with Biscoff spread and topped with Biscoff crumbs and icing sugar, we really enjoyed this one. The sweetness was just right and the crumbs certainly add texture to the crepe.

White & Dark Chocolate

Then we decided to go for one of its best seller – the White / Dark Chocolate Crepe. Can’t decide between white and dark chocolate? Why not go for both then! Personally, white chocolate is too sweet for me. But you really can’t go wrong with either chocolate.

In summary…

All in all, I’d definitely recommend a visit to La Petite Bretagne if you fancy a little authentic taste of French crepes. We loved both the savoury and sweet crepes a lot. But if we have to pick, the savoury galettes are more outstanding in our opinions. Whether you’re an east Londoner or west Londoner, do go check them out and let us know if you liked the savoury or sweet crepes more!

  • Food
  • Value
  • Service
  • Atmosphere

Halal Status

Meats not halal

Tel: 020 8127 5530

Nearest Underground station: Hammersmith

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