Could Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream possibly be the next food trend? Well, it probably already is!

Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream is a family-run business located at Kentish Town Road in Camden. They opened back in the summer of 2017 and have risen to huge popularity in no time. They serve some pretty unique ice cream flavours, such as the Charcoal Coconut Ice Cream, Queso Ice Cream (yes, cheese-flavoured ice cream!), Matcha Ice Cream, Ube Ice Cream, etc.

By calling it dirty ice cream, there’s nothing dirty about it. It’s simply an endearing way for Filipino locals calling ice cream’s that’s sold by street vendors and a way to pay tribute to its Filipino background at this establishment.

Image of the purple shopfront of Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream in Camden

The shop has a pretty pastel pink exterior. It’s a tiny space but a very cosy one. As we walked in, we were greeted warmly by the staff. The staff kindly offered a sample taster for each ice cream flavour available on the day and also explained the Filipino delicacies to us. I must say the ice cream was definitely of great quality. The flavours were quite impressively palatable, with the queso and matcha flavours particularly stood out to me. In terms of texture, the ice cream carried an amazingly smooth and velvety texture, with barely any icy bites. Having such a positive impression to start with, we were extremely excited to see what Mamason’s has to offer.

Ube Hot Chocolate

Image of a cup of purple ube hot chocolate at Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream

Here comes the “insta-famous” purple hot chocolate, i.e Mamasons’ Ube Hot Chocolate. As you can see, the presentation of the hot chocolate was very visually appealing. It’s very “photogenic” and instagrammable for certain.

Having heard loads of raving reviews and recommendations, we certainly had high expectations for it. Despite the gorgeous purple colour, we thought it didn’t taste much of ube. It was also a bit too sweet to both our likings as well. Nevertheless, it wasn’t sickening at all. The mild taste of ube makes it an easy flavour introduction to those who never tried ube before.

Red Velvet Bilog

Image of a red velvet bilog at Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream

A bilog is basically a sweet toasted Filipino bun, a.k.a Pandesal, that’s filled with ice cream. Mamason’s classic version is the Ube Bilog. However, we might have spotted something even better – the Red Velvet Bilog!

The Red Velvet Bilog is a new item on the menu that’s launched in early Feb. It also costs a teeny bit more than the classic Ube Bilog. In this version, the Filipino milk bun is filled with the queso (cream cheese) ice cream, and then covered with a cream cheese icing and crumbled red velvet cake.

The bun was warm on the outside and created this eccentric contrasting sensation with the icing cold ice cream inside. It wasn’t incredibly red velvet-y per se but the concept has worked really well. I would definitely return to try out the Ube Bilog. I’m highly recommending the bilogs here!

Ube Brownie

Image of an Ube Brownie at Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream

Last but not least, we also got the Ube Brownie, which is topped with ube ice cream, plus ube cream.

Brownie was nice and warm. It also consists white chocolate chunks inside it. It tasted decadent and nice, with a mild hint of ube complementing well with the chocolate. The ice cream to brownie ratio was great. Each bite of the warm brownie and cold ice cream was fairly sensational. It’s a lovely one in general, though certain bits were too hard to bite into.

In summary…

Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream is most certainly a place worth checking out. The food is so aesthetically pleasing and satisfying. Alongside with such adorable interiors, this place is just hard to not love. London doesn’t lack ice cream parlours but Mamasons is definitely one of a kind. It is undoubtedly a total unique gem in the city that you shouldn’t miss out!

  • Food
  • Value
  • Atmosphere
  • Service

Tel: 07787 147605
Instagram: @mamasonsdirtyicecream

Nearest station: Camden Town

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Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream review
Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream review

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