Hong Kong Halal Food: Wai Kee Roast Duck

The English have their Sunday roast, and the Cantonese also has their version of roast. Walking down the streets of Hong Kong, you’d see shop after shop with roast meat hanging by the windows. It’s a speciality of Hong Kong after all. For a halal version of such local staples, Wai Kee is the place to go to.

Wai Kee is tucked inside Bowrington Road Market in the Wan Chai / Causeway Bay area. If you’re looking for a comfortably-seated and quiet meal, this isn’t the place to be. Expect people running around, shouting, and lots of manic in this place. You won’t have lots of time reading through the menu before someone “pressures” you to make an order. Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration but it definitely doesn’t like slowness. Like it or not, it’s the Cantonese canteen style of dining so it’s a way to experience the real Hong Kong madness here. Do expect you might have to share tables with other people and lots of noises.

Wai Kee's Halal Menu

Roast Duck Rice (HKD$38)

Very quickly, the dish is ready and served to the table. The roast duck is already all chopped up and nicely laid out over a plate of rice plus some vegetables. The skin of the roast duck is very glossy and carries a light crisp. There’s good amount of fat in each piece of duck so the meat is generally fairly tender. Each piece was meaty and very tasty to savour.

The roast duck was definitely a winner. I personally especially love eating them with some sweet plum sauce – the sweetness and savoury flavour somehow goes really well together. Nevertheless, the rice, on the other hand, seemed relatively sticky and the vegetables were a bit cold. Apart from that, it is generally of a really good portion and can definitely fill you up well.

Halal Roast Duck Rice at Wai Kee, Hong Kong

If the seating and loud environment is a bit too much for you, you can always just queue up by the counter to order takeaway.

In addition, Wai Kee is also incredibly well known for its Lamb Curry Rice. I have yet to try it out but it’s definitely on my list to try when I visit Hong Kong next time. A lot of other diners, majority of them in the room, have ordered the curry dish – proving its popularity.

In summary…

…when in Hong Kong, I would definitely recommend paying a visit to Wai Kee. It’s not just about the food, which is absolutely great, but it’s also about the whole loud and busy Hong Kong experience. Come here to have a taste of Hong Kong and experience the “chaos”.

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Halal Status

Everything is halal at Wai Kee

Tel: +852 2574 1131

Nearest MTR station: Causeway Bay

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