Pancakes – an all-time favourite no matter you are a kid or grown-up. Whether it be for breakfast, brunch, afternoon tea or dessert, it’s something that surely puts a smile on your face. My Old Dutch is a pancake house in London offering an extensive variety of pancake dishes to you. Their menu includes savoury and sweet pancakes as well as a selection of salads, traditional Dutch starters and desserts. That being said, you get to enjoy a full pancake packed meal at this place at any time of the day.

We visited to the branch at High Street Kensington. We were strolling around the area and needed a little sugary pick-me-up. And so we ended up at My Old Dutch! The place was very laid back and chilled. The décor was really simple but charming. We particularly liked that checkered pattern on their tables to give that little bit of Dutch vibe to the place.

For food, we ordered their Chocolate Chip and Sauce Butterscotch Pancakes and then a Dutch classic – the Traditional Poffertjes.

Chocolate Chip and Sauce Butterscotch Pancakes

Starting off with the Chocolate Chip and Sauce Butterscotch Pancakes, it comes with a massive plate consisting five fluffy pancakes topped with chocolate chips and icing sugar dusted all over the plate as well as a chocolate sauce on the side.

I liked how the pancakes were puffed up to give out that soft fluffy texture. It was very fragrant along with that nice buttery and eggy flavour. Since the pancakes were hot, the chocolate chips on top were quite melty and acted more like a chocolate sauce. Moreover, the chocolate sauce on the side is technically the same as the chocolate chips, they tasted the same. The chocolate, in my opinion, was a bit too rich to my taste buds. Perhaps it is because I do not have a huge sweet tooth so I actually enjoyed the pancakes more on its own than indulging them with the rich chocolate sauce.

Traditional Poffertjes

As for the Traditional Poffertjes, it comes with butter, maple syrup and dusted with icing sugar. Mini pancakes are already something that we find really cute and having a plateful of them in front of us simply couldn’t make us any happier. In addition, the butter was shaped into a flowery shape as well which makes it visually very appealing. The poffertjes were also very nice and fluffy. You also cannot beat the classic combo of pancakes with butter and maple syrup – it is simply the best in my opinion and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I ought to mention that the dishes were quite huge and it was a very filling meal even though we were originally only looking for a sweet afternoon bite. We have yet to try the savoury side of the menu but judging from the sweet items that we had, My Old Dutch is definitely about indulgence and about giving you the hearty and cozy satisfaction to your belly. Their savoury menu offers quite a range of hearty options apart from the usual savoury pancake combos. The menu includes Moroccan Lamb Stew, Chilli Con Carne, and even Chicken Curry which we find to be a bit bizarre but wouldn’t rule out trying at some point in the future. All in all it is a pretty interesting place and it’s worth checking out for a cheat-day treat! Pancakes are definitely a top treat on everyone’s list, right?

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Halal Status

No halal meats available. Vegetarian friendly

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Tel: 020 7937 6090

Nearest Underground station: High Street Kensington

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