The word “opso” is derived from ancient Greek. It means delicate and delectable, with a touch of elegance. That being said, it’s also the very definition of this restaurant. Opso offers a fine dining experience incorporating the “small plates/tapas” concept. It specialises in classic Greek dishes with a modern twist. Additionally, Opso is also featured on the 2018 Michelin guide. All in all, from restaurant atmosphere to food, there couldn’t have been a more perfect name that reflects the concept and essence of this place.

Located at Marylebone, the restaurant has a very nice and elegant setting. The interior is very bright during the day. It gives a lively impression but remaining classy and not loud. We went around lunchtime on a weekend. There’s a brunch menu available for the weekends from 10 am to 4.45 pm. As mentioned, Opso’s menu features a range of Greek dishes in tapas portions. The menu offers a lot of options to choose from. Even when I had to eliminate all meat dishes on the menu since it’s not halal, there’s still a substantial amount of options. For instance, there are Greek yoghurt dishes, lots of Greek pastries – both savoury and sweet ones, cheese and vegetables based Greek dishes, as well as classic brunch items like Eggs Benedict and Pancakes that has a Greek touch.

Maniatiki (£8)

Opso Mac Cheese Maniatiki

I asked my Cypriot friend if she knows of the dish but she said she hasn’t got a clue. Looking at the description on the menu, it seems to be a Mac & Cheese in a nutshell using Greek pasta and flavourings.

The pasta involved is a handmade village pasta which I believe is called sioufichta in Greek. Then it got this nice creamy sauce cooked with graviera cheese and brown butter. Last but not least, the dish’s topped with a fried duck egg.

First of all, the pasta was cooked perfectly al dente. The cheese was less heavy than typical American mac & cheese and features a different but intriguing savoury touch to it. The egg was fried nicely with crispy edges and a runny yolk. Duck egg is most certainly tastier than normal chicken eggs. It adds a very nice and extra palatable savoury edge to the dish. All in all, I loved it.

Feta Saganaki (£6)

Opso Saganaki Baked Feta

For the other dish, we ordered a Greek classic – SaganakiSaganaki is a traditional  dish that involves fried cheese. A variety of cheese can be used in this dish and Opso‘s version uses feta. Instead of frying it, they baked the feta with olive oil and topped with peppers, cherry tomatoes and oregano.

The dish screams of tremendous Mediterranean flavours. It’s such simple and clean flavours but incredibly satisfying. The feta cheese releases a natural savoury flavour, which was complimented well with the tangy flavour from the wilted tomatoes. The quality olive oil also adds an amazing fragrance to the dish. It’s a perfect dish to pair with some crusty bread.

In summary…

…we enjoyed our experience at the Opso and left feeling very content. Though dishes come in small tapas-style portions, they are still reasonably satisfying. Service-wise, the staff were generally attentive and friendly. My friend and I were catching up and chatting away for hours but the staff remained very nice and polite, and kept refilling our water glasses. All in all, it’s been a very pleasant experience and worth a visit for different style of Greek cuisine.

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Halal Status

Opso does not offer halal meats. Vegetarian options are available.

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Tel: 020 7487 5088
Instagram: @opso_london

Nearest Underground station: Baker Street

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