Ramoramen started out in Camden and earned themselves quite a bit of attention with not just halal Japanese ramen, but a unique fusion of Filipino and Japanese flavours that made them stood out in the market. As part of the ever-growing Maginhawa group, Ramoramen is now expanding with a second store opening in the heart of Soho. At Ramoramen Soho, you’d find familiar dishes that are served at their Camden branch but also a range of new dishes to take their menu up a notch to appeal to the west end market. The interior is also a little bit nicer and more atmospheric than its Camden branch. It also got an amazing music playlist featuring old-school classic R&Bs that really sets the atmosphere.

Reservations recommended at Ramoramen Soho

Ramoramen Soho opened its doors in September this year. During the first week of their launch, there was a 50% off offer and reservations were full within minutes. We tried to do a walk-in but to no avail. We tried again the following week, once again, without reservations. Luckily, there was a one-hour gap at the time of our arrival and the next reservation so we managed to squeeze into that slot. If you’re planning to visit, I’d highly recommend you making a reservation to avoid any disappointment. We saw quite a few people being turned away after we sat down!

You can make a reservation online here.

The Food

All meats served are halal at Ramoramen. Here is what we ordered:

Pandesal Garlic Bread (£4)

Using freshly baked Pandesal bread from Panadera Bakery and then toasted with garlic butter, the Pandesal garlic bread is something I didn’t know I needed in my life this whole time! The bread was ridiculously fluffy – even fluffier than I remembered from Panadera Bakery. Its natural sweetness fits well with the flavours and gives a lovely buttery sensation. The best part though, as recommended by the staff, is to dip the bread into the sauce from the scallops – and, oh my, that was exquisite. If I were to pick on it, I wouldn’t mind to have an extra pinch of sea salt to let the garlic flavour pop even more. But that’s a really minor criticism.

Roasted Scallops (£12.5)

Scallops are one of my favourite seafood and I just had to get it when I saw it on the menu. Roasted with bagoong (Filipino shrimp paste) butter and calamansi, they have executed the perfect flavour balance. There was just the right amount of savouriness and a little touch of tang to bring out the flavour of the scallops without overpowering it. The delicate flavours of the scallops were absolutely irresistible but the biggest star ought to be dipping the Pandesal garlic bread to the sauce. It was the way the bread soaks up the sauce, the way the savoury interlaces with the citrus and complimented with a buttery touch for umami.

Miso Maple Wings (£7)

These wings came with a super crispy coating and were beautifully glazed. It’s got a lovely blend of savoury and sweetness, plus a good kick of heat seeping through from the scotch bonnet. All in all, it’s a nice starter to get your taste buds dancing.

Chicken Sopas Ramen (£12.5)

You may already be familiar with this one from their Camden branch as it’s one of the originals of Ramoramen. The Chicken Sopas Ramen features a creamy roasted chicken broth that carries plenty of flavour depth, served with springy Tokyo noodles, and topped with crispy chicharrones pulled adobo chicken nitamago, pea shoots, bamboo shoots, spring onion, shiitake, and nori.

Lobster & Crab Ginatan Ramen (£28)

We tried another ramen and this one’s a new one on the menu for their Soho branch. It’s quite a luxurious one – consisting of a crab coconut broth, springy Tokyo noodles, and topped with grilled lobster with lemon butter, menma, shiitake, pea shoots, and spring onions.

The broth carries a really good depth of flavour. It’s light but also no short of umami. The best part was discovering the crab pieces at the bottom of the bowl, so definitely give it a mix when you savour the broth!

Mango Lemonade (£2.80)

This isn’t on the menu but it’s a non-alcoholic drink recommended by the staff during our visit. It’s refreshing and the mango gives it an extra edge.

In Summary

We absolutely loved Ramoramen Soho! Yes, more than the original Camden branch as the food here just absolutely hits the spot. We loved the new menu and would be excited to return to try out their Wagyu Bistek Donburi as well!

  • Food
  • Atmosphere
  • Service
  • Value

Halal Status

All meats served are halal at Ramoramen. 

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