Sinigang Prawn Ramen at Ramoramen

Ramen is a Japanese staple. However, the most common way of preparing ramen is with a pork bone broth. As a result, it’s really hard to find halal ramens. Bone Daddies was one offering a halal option by offering halal chicken ramen on the menu. Nevertheless, it’s not fully halal and many would worry about things like contamination etc. But now Ramoramen is here to change up this situation and is offering the London market a unique twist on traditional Japanese ramen.

Ramoramen is a fully halal ramen restaurant located at Kentish Town. What’s special about this place is that it actually fusions Japanese ramen with Filipino flavours. So think about chicken adobo paired with rich tonkatsu-like ramen broth. Intriguing, right? Since their opening in 2018, they have been continuously adding new unique flavours onto their menu.

Here are the dishes I had over my visits between 2018 and 2020:

Karaage Chicken (£5)

Chicken Karaage at Ramoramen

Their Chicken Karaage is my favourite starters at Ramoramen. Chicken Karaage is Japanese fried chicken, typically made with marinated chicken thigh, dusted with flour and deep-fried till crispy. Soy sauce is one of the key marinating ingredients for Chicken Karaage. Staying true to the Filippino theme, they use Filippino soy sauce, toyomansi, to marinate the chicken.

With its more acidic nature due to the addition of lime in toyomansi, it is no surprise that the Chicken Karaage turned out with this superbly extra tangy touch of flavour. It’s got a subtle kick of spice too. The coating was incredibly crispy and the chicken was so juicy and succulent on the inside.

Sinigang Prawn Ramen (£15)

This Sinigang Prawn ramen is one of the newer additions to the menu. It features a deep flavoured tamarind broth, topped with whole grilled king prawns, roast tomatoes, fresh chillies, niitamago (ramen egg), pea shoots, bamboo shoots, enoki mushrooms, and spring onions.

The flavours were stunning here. The tamarind broth highlights a sharp, tangy flavour, accompanied with a good kick of spice, and has got so much depth of flavours in it. It’s so rich in flavour and really hits the palate. I also absolutely adored the king prawns. They were so incredibly flavourful, tinged with a lush chargrilled touch to it. They were fully shell-on and so much flavours were packed into it as I sucked the flavours off the shell and tackle my way to it.

Lamb Tantanmen Ramen (£12.9)

Lamb Tantanmen Ramen at Ramoramen

Another new flavour on the menu is the Lamb Tantanmen Ramen, which uses a lamb beef broth and is topped with cumin mince lamb, lime, niitamago, peashoot, spring onions, butter, and bamboo shoots.

The broth was rich, savoury and flavoursome. The cumin lamb topping added a little tease to the palate as well. I really enjoyed it though wouldn’t mind if it’s a tiny bit spicier!

Chicken Sopa Ramen (£12)

Chicken Sopa Ramen at Ramoramen

I tried this when they first opened. The Chicken Sopa is made with a creamy chicken broth and topped with crispy chicharonnes, pulled adobo chicken, niitamago, pea shoots, menma, spring onions, shiitake mushrooms, and nori (seaweed).

The broth is almost like a Japanese paitan style, which is an ultra rich and creamy broth that’s typically cooked for days to achieve that texture. It’s not as dense as a paitan ramen broth but it’s still incredibly rich and savoury in flavours. I especially liked the chicharonnes, which added an extra crunchy touch to the whole dish. The taste of adobo was subtle but offered a unique touch to traditional ramen. I find the pulled chicken a bit dry and the enoki mushrooms were a bit raw to my personal liking. Nonetheless, the eggs were beautifully done and it was one nice bowl of ramen overall.

Oxtail Kare Kare Ramen (£12)

Oxtail Kare Kare Ramen at Ramoramen

This was among my first visit to Ramoramen too. Oxtail Kare Kare is a traditional street food dish that’s made with a peanut beef broth and topped with pulled oxtail kare kare, i.e an oxtail peanut stew. First of all, the broth was incredibly rich and packed with meaty flavours. It also has an impressively luscious creamy texture.

Now up to the flavours, it was a pretty interesting flavour combo. The oxtail kare kare was cooked to a super melty texture. I haven’t encountered much with Filipino food so I didn’t really know what to expect. Interestingly, the pulled oxtail somehow reminded me a lot of salted beef. It’s definitely something different from what I expected but I’m not complaining.

In summary…

Ramoramen is no doubt one special establishment and is one to watch for! It’s different, unique and bold, which I really enjoyed. I personally am not very familiar with Filipino food and it’s this place that introduced me to the amazing flavours the Filipino cuisine has got to offer. And who would’ve thought it would blend so well with Japanese ramen? It’s genius, absolutely genius and special.

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Tel: 020 7267 2563
Instagram: @ramoramen

Nearest station: Camden Town

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Ramoramen Camden Restaurant Review
Ramoramen Camden Restaurant Review
Ramoramen Camden Restaurant Review

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