What used to be GBK in Westbourne Grove Notting Hill has now turned into a new snazzy neighbourhood restaurant called The Residency and has gone from mediocre burgers to higher-end dishes to impress. “Within these four walls, you’re home”, The Residency offers a chic & intimate setting, complemented with light wood panelling to give it a cosy feel. Even though it was quiet when we visited, there’s a buzzing energy around the place, with nice music softly playing in the background and friendly smiles welcoming you to make you feel comfortable.

The Residency: Modern European with a Caribbean Twist

With Notting Hill’s diverse cultural heritage, The Residency brings together a vibrant menu to match its ambience and features a fusion of modern European dishes with a slight Caribbean twist. My great news to you is that they have halal options on the menu including halal chicken and halal ribeye steak! Dinner service starts at 6 pm each day and they also run a brunch menu on the weekends as well.

Aside from food, music and art are also a big focus at the restaurant. The Residency is committed to showcasing emerging local talents at their space, whether it’s the artworks adorning the restaurant walls or DJ lineups for live entertainment in the evenings through Thursdays to Sundays after 7 pm.

*Disclaimer: this was a complimentary meal but all thoughts are our own.

The Food: What We Ordered

Data of dining: August 2022

Burrata (£13.50)

Burrata cheese with tomato marmalade and basil cream at The Residency Notting Hill

We started with the Burrata, which was lusciously creamy and light to taste. But what impressed the most were the accompanying cherry tomato marmalade and basil cream! The delectable sweetness from the tomato marmalade, almost candy-like, paired so nicely with the burrata and gave it a refreshing note. On the other hand, the basil cream added a strong oomph to the dish, really lifting and elevating the dish to impress. We got some bread to go with the dish as well and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.

Grilled Prawns (£16)

A plate of four king prawns garnished with chopped chives and served with a wedge of lemon and sauce at The Residency Notting Hill

Next up, let’s just lead with the fact that these may well be some of the best prawns we’ve had in London, ever. The four elegantly-plated king prawns came in huge sizes, deshelled from the bottom part but still got the head attached for flavour, and sprinkled with a touch of chopped chives for garnish. They were cooked on point, from flavour to texture to everything about them. The hot smoked paprika garlic foam on the side makes a lovely sauce pairing to the prawns, adding a smoky robust edge of flavour without overpowering the natural sweetness of the prawns. Each bite was bursting with flavour and, all in all, simply bravo.

Ribeye (£28)

A plate of ribeye steak, sliced up to show medium-rare centre, served with smoked red chilli butter at The Residency Notting Hill

Seeing a halal steak option available, it was a no-brainer to try it out. Served at 8oz, the ribeye steak was tender and juicy to taste. Even though we ordered medium-rare, the steak was leaning a bit more medium. Nonetheless, both flavour and texture have still hit the spot. It was generally well-seasoned and the meat quality was great. We went with a red chilli smoked salt & lime butter to go with the steak and it offered a lovely umami piquant touch. It didn’t wow per se like the two starters, but it’s a good solid one.

Pan Seared Sea Bream (£18)

A plate of pan-seared sea bream with truffle butter, served over smashed new potatoes at The Residency Notting Hill

As much as we enjoyed the steak, it was the Pan Seared Sea Bream that impressed most for the mains. Served with truffle butter on top and sitting prettily over some smashed new potatoes and grilled baby gem lettuce, that sea bream was such a delight to savour. It was crispy around the edges and well-seasoned throughout. When bathed in the melted truffle butter, it created such multidimensional flavours and was moreish to taste. From the soft and buttery potatoes to the lightly charred lettuce, every element of the dish was executed perfectly on point.

Chocolate Surprise (£11.50)

Both starters and mains have impressed, and it’s no exception for the desserts. We went with the Chocolate Surprise, which is a triple chocolate treat, covered with chocolate ganache and served with warm caramel sauce. It’s a chocolate lover’s dream, featuring a decadent creamy centre and rich dark chocolate coating. The caramel sauce was just right and not too overly sweetened. We shared it between the two of us and it was just the perfect finishing touch for the evening.

Singer Morning

A glass of pink mocktail at The Residency

Last but not least, the drinks. The drinks menu at The Residency is impressively extensive, though mostly alcoholic options. There are a couple of non-alcoholic picks, and obviously soft drinks as well.

We tried out the Singer Morning, which is a mocktail made with Seedlip Spice94, homemade Smoky Carrot Shrub, fresh Lemon Juice, and Tutti Frutti Syrup. It’s sweet with a tropical touch but could use an extra tang and a bit more acidity to perk up the palate more.

Review Summary

The Residency is an exciting prospect, not just for the Notting Hill / Westbourne Grove area, but for west London in general. Our experience there has been an outstanding one, where every detail had been flawless and really nailed the spot. Food and interiors aside, we must also mention the fantastic service throughout the evening. The staff have been incredibly friendly and attentive, without being overbearing at all. We really couldn’t ask for a better evening and would highly recommend you to visit The Residency if you are around Notting Hill!

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Tel: 020 7792 5157
Website: https://www.theresidencynottinghill.com/
Instagram: theresidencynottinghill

Nearest station: Bayswater / Notting Hill

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