What used to be GBK in Westbourne Grove Notting Hill has now turned into a new snazzy neighbourhood restaurant called The Residency and has gone from mediocre burgers to higher-end dishes to impress. We first visited The Residency Notting Hill in August 2022 and had a fantastic experience. A year later, the restaurant has undergone a change in management and we were kindly invited back to check out the new menu.

The Residency: A Promise of Good Food, Drink, Music & Art

The mantra of The Residency is “Within these four walls, you’re home”. That charming cosy ambience and interiors have remained the same from when we first visited the restaurant a year ago. It offers a chic & intimate setting, complemented with light wood panelling to add an extra cosy feel to the place. From our last visit, the restaurant goes after a contemporary Euro-Caribbean menu. Whereas this time around, the menu has completely changed and follows more of a contemporary Euro-Japanese direction instead. Chicken, Fillet Steak & Beef Tataki are halal at The Residency. Alcohol is served at the restaurant.

Food aside, music & art remains a big focus for the restaurant. The Residency is committed to showcasing emerging local talents in their space, whether it’s the artworks adorning the restaurant walls or DJ lineups for live entertainment in the evenings.

*Disclaimer: this was a complimentary meal but all thoughts are our own.

The Food at The Residency: What We Ordered

Data of dining: March 2023

A plate of beef tataki at The Residency

Beef Tataki (£14)

For starters, I had my eyes set on the Beef Tataki the moment I opened the menu. These thin slices of beef were well-marinated and tender to bite. The soy & white truffle dressing paired tremendously with the beef slices and the mayo further enriches the flavours. Topped with pickled radish, crispy onions, and rocket leaves, these added more texture to the dish and rounded up everything nicely. Personally, I would’ve preferred a stronger hint of yuzu to bring out a bit more acidity to perk up the palate. Nonetheless, it’s still a nicely done dish.

A shrimp tempura

Shrimp Tempura (£12)

We were also recommended to try out the Shrimp Tempura and it certainly did not disappoint. I didn’t expect it to nail the spot so well. The tempura batter was executed perfectly, yielding a light crispy coating wrapping around an al dente shrimp. There was not a single hint of gummy texture, which happens far too commonly at many restaurants. The soy yuzu coriander dip carried a light tangy touch of flavour and was a delight to go with the tempura.

A plate of Teriyaki Salmon with broccolini and Japanese pickled pink ginger at The Residency restaurant

Teriyaki Salmon (£23)

For mains, we were again recommended to try out the Teriyaki Salmon. I was delightfully surprised by how huge the salmon fillet was, which came prettily laid over some chargrilled broccolini and some Japanese pickled pink ginger on the side. The salmon was cooked just right and was incredibly soft in texture. Glazed with teriyaki sauce, it’s got a wonderful hint of sweetness without overpowering the taste of the salmon itself. I personally adored the Japanese pickled pink ginger, which was sharp & tangy to taste and really opened up the palate.

A Fillet Steak at The Residency

8oz Fillet Steak (£33) + Chimichurri (£2.50)

At first glance, the Fillet Steak looked rather small on the plate and perhaps could benefit from a bit of garnishing around to make up the presentation. We asked for medium-rare and it was slightly overcooked. Nonetheless, the steak fared better than what we remembered from the one we had on our last visit. It wasn’t the best steak but it was, overall, a decent one. We also ordered some chimichurri to accompany the steak and it was lovely.

A bowl of creamed spinach at The Residency

Creamed Spinach (£6) & Grilled Broccolini (£5.25)

For sides, we decided to go for the Creamed Spinach and some Grilled Broccolini. Both were great but it was certainly the Creamed Spinach that stood out more. The spinach was well-seasoned, and it was rich & creamy to taste. We both found it thoroughly enjoyable. As for the Grilled Broccolini, it’s got a nice touch of garlic and lemon, and was also a lovely side dish to get.

A bowl of Parmesan Truffle Fries at The Residency

Parmesan Truffle Fries (£5.25)

Last but not least, we had the Parmesan Truffle Fries, which had been decent but nothing particularly special. The truffle flavour was quite subtle and sat mostly at the bottom pile of the fries, whereas the cheese was mostly on top and not much at the bottom. As for the fries themselves, they were reasonably crispy to taste. Again, the seasoning seems to be mostly sitting towards the bottom so there was a slight flavour imbalance as we munch this through the night.

Restaurant Review Summary

Overall, our second visit to The Residency did not disappoint and it remains an excellent restaurant pick in the area. The menu has certainly gone through quite a bit of a change of direction but it continued to deliver high-quality food, which is what matters at the end of the day. Service has been good throughout the evening, but it was not as outstanding as how we remembered our last visit. Anyhow, it’s still, all in all, a great dining experience and we still highly rate The Residency!

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  • Value for Money

Tel: 020 7792 5157
Website: https://www.theresidencynottinghill.com/
Instagram: theresidencynottinghill

Nearest station: Bayswater / Notting Hill

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