As one of my birthday celebrations last month, we decided to have a theatre night where we watched the Death of a Salesman (would highly recommend by the way if you can catch them playing again in the future). With theatre night, comes pre-theatre dinner. We wanted to keep it simple, nothing too fancy, but still nice around the area. At last, we decided to hit up Zelman Meats Soho for the occasion.

Having been to Zelman Meats Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge before, we already know we can’t go wrong with it. The Soho branch offers less halal options that are already on the menu (only the Canadian Sirloin and Australian Ribeye are halal). Nonetheless, you can pre-order other cuts 48 hours in advance if you desire more options.

The Soho branch has quite a different vibe to the Harvey Nichols’ branch. Zelman Meats Soho has more of a buzzing vibe, as well as a more Soho-touch in their interior decor. We went at 5 pm on Thursday. It’s early but the restaurant was still fairly busy – which I always take as a good sign. We got seated comfortably by one of their red-leathered booths and the staff had been very attentive to us.

Here is what we ordered:

Lobster Croquette (£11)

Image of a plate of Lobster Croquettes at Zelman Meats Soho

For starters, we got the Lobster Croquettes, which are made with Canadian lobster, seasoned with tarragon and cheddar, and served over a lobster mayo.

I really enjoyed this one as it’s beautifully crispy on the outside, and oozing with heartiness on the inside. The lobster mayo carries a lovely flavour and reminds me of lobster bisque.

Tiger Prawn Tempura (£9.50)

Image of a plate of Tiger Prawn Tempura at Zelman Meats Soho

We also got the Tiger Prawn Tempura as starters, which was served with their signature “holy fuck” mayo, i.e their house spicy mayo.

I thought the prawns themselves aren’t particularly special as I feel that I didn’t get that much prawn flavours out of them. Nonetheless, the mayo was definitely the star that puts everything together. The mayo was spicy and carries a sharp punch to it. It’s the type of sauce that just could go well with many things!

The Steaks: Canadian Sirloin (£28) & Australian Ribeye (£28)

Image of a plate of steaks at Zelman Meats Soho

Now to the main event…the steaks! The Canadian Sirloin is the one on the right in the picture, and the Australian Ribeye’s on the left. We had them both at medium-rare.

Out of the two, I’d say I preferred the Australian Ribeye more. Reason being, it carried a richer and beefier flavour. It’s also got the perfect fat ratio, making it quite a juicy treat. The Sirloin was comparatively leaner but still tender.

For sauces, we ordered the Chimichurri and their house special spicy Mayo.

Triple-Cooked Chips (£4.50)

Image of a plate of steak and chips at Zelman Meats Soho

For sides, we ordered the triple-cooked chips. We originally wanted to order two but our waiter advised us that one would be enough – he was right.

It might not look much when served but it was just right to pair with the steak. The steak had been pretty filling and each chip was pretty big and chunky. They carry a light crisp on the outside and the inside was really soft and fluffy. We particularly enjoyed savouring them with the spicy mayo!

Tiramisu (£5 – all you can eat)

Image of a plate of Tiramisu at Zelman Meats Soho

As for desserts, at Zelman Meats Soho, they do an all-you-can-eat desserts offer!

The desserts of the day were Tiramisu (does not contain alcohol) and Apple Strudel. Our stomachs seriously couldn’t take any more food but were also craving for a little sweet bite at the same time. So we decided to go for one Tiramisu to share.

The Tiramisu was absolutely lovely. It was rich and creamy, with subtle hints of coffee seeping out from the layers. Albeit not visually the best looking dessert, it was most certainly the perfect finishing touch to the meal.

In summary

Zelman Meats Soho has proven that you can’t wrong with them for any occasion. If you’re looking for a decent but no-frills restaurant around Soho, you know you can rely on Zelman Meats to deliver. I’ve enjoyed their Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge branch but this Soho branch is just as good despite having fewer options. It had been the perfect pre-theatre dinner and I had a good birthday!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Atmosphere
  • Value

Halal Status

Partially halal. Only the Canadian Sirloin and Australian Ribeye are halal on their regular menu.

Other options can also be pre-ordered 48 hours in advance for halal requests. 

Tel: 020 7437 0566

Instagram: @zelman_meats

Nearest station: Tottenham Court Road / Leicester Square

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  1. Anna Smith

    Delicious meats! Check out Osso Steak and Ribs, they have the best steaks and ribs. Highly recommended!

    1. ET Food Voyage

      Thanks for the recommendation!

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