Amorino – Love in a Cone

How beautiful is the name ‘Amorino’? I feel that there is so much love and romance in this Italian name, don’t you somewhat think so too? To me, what Amorino serves is also a perfect representation of that – probably why my obsession with its name.

I first knew of this place because of their flower-shaped gelatos with macaroons as a topping option – that’s like true love come true. A little weird fact about me is I have a slight phobia to flowers. I like the petals but any other structure or parts of a flower freaks me out. As a result, roses are basically the one of the very few flowers that wouldn’t terrify me somehow – that’s why I’ve always loved them. I need not to explain my love for gelatos and I love macaroons an awful lot too – now you understand why Amorino  completely swept me off my feet.


Though it was a tiny space in Garrick Street near Covent Garden, this place carries a lot of charm with their classic wooden décor. You get to pick as many flavours as you want and they staff will scoop up each flavour into the shape of a petal and build a rose on the cone.

Not only does this look incredibly pretty to the eye, it tastes just as great as it looks. The gelato was smooth and dense in flavour where every bite was like falling in love (maybe an exaggeration but you get what I mean). My personal favourite flavours are pistachio, coffee, chocolate, lemon and cheesecake. You just can’t go wrong with these flavours.


If you’d like to get picky on this, I would say they use industrial gelato, which is not as delicate as artisanal ones. To learn more about the difference between industrial and artisanal gelatos, check out here

Last but not least, not to forget that the cone was also really lovely too – crunchy and aromatic, it fills you up with that luscious egg waffle flavour that makes you smile in pleasure. It was a perfect combo and I call it ‘love in a cone’ because it looks romantic and tastes alluring – triggering all that lovey fuzzy feeling inside me.

My Rating: 4/5

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Address: 7 Garrick Street, Covent Garden, London WC2E 9AR

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