Creme Opens in Notting Hill with New Exclusive Flavour

With the amount of hype they’ve set with their cookies, it is no surprise that Creme London is expanding and has launched a second shop in Notting Hill. A few years back, when I first visited Creme London in Soho, I must admit I wasn’t overly impressed with their cookies. Simply put, I thought the cookies were nice but didn’t necessarily live up to the crazy hype. Ultimately, I find them overpriced for what it is. But with this new branch of Creme not being too far away from my neighbourhood, there was no harm to pop by and give them another chance. And guess what, I’m glad I did because Creme Notting Hill’s new exclusive flavour was a worthwhile treat!

Creme NYC-style Cookies Arrive in Notting Hill

Creme prides themselves in adding a French twist to classic American cookies that are inspired by trips to New York. Without a doubt, the famous Levain Bakery played a huge part in it as it’s precisely those thick-sized NYC cookies that Creme specialises in. The rest is history as London sets into a cookie frenzy for Creme!

The new Notting Hill bakery is located on Blenheim Crescent, just a stone’s throw away from the iconic Portobello Market. It is more spacious than its Soho counterpart, with two small marble tables available for sitting in. If you’ve been to the Soho shop before, you’d immediately recognise that unmissable buttery aroma of the shop. You’d be greeted with the same alluring smell of freshly baked cookies and the perfect aesthetics in the shop. Everything they have at the Soho shop, they have at Notting Hill too, including drinks and soft serve. But if you need a special reason to visit the Notting Hill shop, it’s going to be for their new cookie flavour that’s only exclusively available at this new store.

The Cookies (What We Got)

Dulce de Leche Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie (£4.50)

The exclusive flavour at Creme Notting Hill is the Dulce de Leche Milk Chocolate Chip cookie, featuring caramelized condensed milk in the dough and laced with a generous amount of chocolate chips. I absolutely adored that light but distinct caramelisation in the cookie, which brought another dimension of flavour and sweetness to it. The cookies were served warm with melty chocolate chips in the centre. Personally, I’d like it to be slightly underbaked so that we can get a more gooey texture in the middle. Nonetheless, it’s still a dreamy one and the best flavour they have so far!

Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie (£4.50)

We also got the regular milk chocolate chip cookie just to have a side-by-side comparison. If you’re looking at just the regular milk chocolate chip cookie, then I stand by my original review on Creme that the cookies are overpriced for what they are. They’re nice but are not worth the £4.50 mark.

Hot Chocolate (£4)

Last but not least, we also grabbed a hot chocolate from them as we sat down at one of their small marble tables to enjoy the cookies. Their menu shows only S’mores Hot Chocolate, which isn’t halal, so make sure you ask them to specially make it without the marshmallows. Whilst the hot chocolate was nice for dunking the cookies, it wasn’t an outstanding one. It lacked in both richness and milkiness, and just wasn’t particularly chocolate-y. For £4 a cup, I’d definitely give it a pass next time.

Review Summary

All in all, Creme is certainly a welcomed addition to the Notting Hill area and the new exclusive flavour is totally a hit! Overall, it is still an overpriced spot, but the new Dulce de Leche flavour did stand out and was a worthwhile occasional treat. If you happen to be out and about in the area, do pop by to try out this new cookie flavour from them!

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Nearest station: Notting Hill / Ladbroke Grove

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