Jamon Jamon Paella, Portobello Market

Not only is Portobello Market the hub for antiques and vintage shopping, but it is also a hub for street food stalls/trucks. Especially on Saturdays, the place would be packed with all sorts of street food vendors and bring on an incredible buzzing and lively vibe on the streets. One of my favourites ought to be Jamon Jamon, a long-standing halal-friendly Spanish paella stall.

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The stall usually gets quite busy as you can imagine on a buzzing Saturday afternoon. Nonetheless, the people there always greet you with a super friendly smile. They are really cheerful, enthusiastic and are clearly very passionate about their food which adds a lot of love and rays of sunshine to match with the colourful paella.

Their paellas always look absolutely gorgeous, featuring giant plates of rice of luscious golden yellow colour and a generous amount of toppings. They serve two types of paella on the menu: the classic Paella Valenciana or the Paella de Mariscos (seafood). And best of all, you can even order half-and-half so you get to try both. In addition, their paellas are halal.

Paella Valenciana

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The classic Paella Valenciana features a simple combo of chicken and runner beans. The chicken has this beautifully caramelized sear and the spices coated on the meat added such a glorious colour to the dish. You get a whole chicken drumstick in your box, which was tender and succulent.

Delightfully, the rice wasn’t too damp nor creamy. My favourite part was the lightly browned and caramelized pieces which added an extra edge of flavours to the dish. The range of seasonings and spices included had been fairly sensational to the palate. I wasn’t expecting it to be so good and it had been a very pleasant surprise.

Paella de Mariscos

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I love a good seafood paella. At Jamon Jamon, they’re quite generous with their seafood toppings, including a mix of prawns, squid, and mussels.

It was incredibly aromatic and fragrant. The flavours were absolutely delightful and as vibrant as its colours. Whilst there may be a potential of getting rather messy with all the shell-on seafood, it’s no doubt worth the fuss and my favourite to order from them.

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In summary…

Jamon Jamon is an essential stop when visiting Portobello Market. Their scrumptious paellas are simply too hard to withdraw from. If you can’t decide which flavour to get, just go for a half-and-half and try both out!

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Tel: 07887 984899
Website: http://www.jamonjamon.co.uk/

Nearest station: Ladbroke Grove

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