Best Matcha Desserts in London

Ever since matcha got introduced into London, there is absolutely no stopping of the frenzy now. It’s great to see matcha now being included on menus even outside of Asian outlets, especially matcha lattes which you can find at many cafes and coffee shops these days. But best of all, there’s definitely an abundance of matcha desserts available in town nowadays to satisfy every craving for both you and I!

Using matcha in desserts can be tricky. Without the right quality and balance, the flavours could easily turn unpleasantly bitter. Alternatively, I also get rather frustrated when the dessert just came in green in colour with barely any taste of matcha. After a fair share of trying out different places around London, here are my top picks of matcha desserts in town and let me know if you know any other spots that I should be checking out as well!

Where to find the best Matcha desserts in London


Matcha Fondant Cake at Machiya
Matcha Fondant from Machiya

Ran by the team behind popular ramen hit, Kanada-Ya, Machiya is a hidden gem tucked behind Piccadilly Circus specialising in homely Japanese cuisine. Whilst their savoury offerings are not halal, they do offer some great desserts that are worth making the stop for.

Matcha cakes could be a hit and miss, and even more so for a Matcha Fondant. But Machiya has consistently nailed it down perfectly. They also serve up one of the best Matcha Lattes across town in my opinion!

Location: Piccadilly Circus

Instagram: @machiyalondon

Katsute 100

Matcha Mille Crepe from Katsute 100

Katsute 100 is no doubt my favourite Japanese cafe in London. Their range of matcha desserts and tea selections are all absolute winners, consistently delivering top-notch quality. In addition, they feature some lovely interiors, creating a really great atmosphere to enjoy your matcha goodies.

I loved immensely both the Matcha Mille Crepe and Matcha Strawberry Shortcake, both easily the best out there in London.

Location: Angel

Instagram: @katsute100


Matcha Soft Serve from Tsujiri

As one of the “OGs” in the matcha scene in London, Tsujiri is most certainly a reliable pick for matcha. They are a matcha dessert tea house so they definitely take their matcha very seriously! My favourite includes the likes of Matcha Soft Serve Ice Cream and Matcha Basque Cheesecake, both lusciously velvety and simply sensational.

In addition, they also offer a range of matcha drinks (including ceremonial matcha) and lots of delicious treats such as sundaes and mochis.

Location: Chinatown

Instagram: @tsujiri_uk

Cafe Kitsune

Matcha Croissant from Cafe Kitsune

Here’s the newest matcha addition in London – Cafe Kitsune! Their Matcha Croissant was a truly exquisite treat, featuring delicate flavours with a sweet glaze laced with a tangy touch and flawless pastry execution. It’s no doubt the best matcha croissant out there and a masterpiece of pastry.

Cafe Kitsune is a Japanese-influenced French patisserie, so it offers a slightly different style of matcha treats than your traditional Japanese cafes. Their Matcha Kumquat Eclair is a pretty good one to try out as well.

Location: Belgravia

Instagram: @cafekitsune

Matcha Sundays

Matcha Mochi Doughnuts from Matcha Sundays
Matcha Mochi Doughnuts from Matcha Sundays

As home-baking businesses continue to be on the rise, Matcha Sundays is one that really stood out to me with its exquisite quality of matcha treats. Starting out with local deliveries around east London, they have soon expanded into operating London-wide deliveries.

Amongst their range of traditional Japanese confectioneries, their Matcha Mochi Doughnuts were particularly exceptional and first of its kind on the London market.

Location: Nationwide delivery

Instagram: @matchasundays

WA Cafe

Matcha Roll Cake from WA Cafe

WA Cafe is another Japanese cafe which I adore very much. Other than the Matcha Roll Cake pictured, they also offer a range of other matcha treats. They have two branches in London, one in Ealing Broadway, and a newer one in Covent Garden. If you ask me, I have a slight preference for the latter!

P.S. I really enjoy their Sesame Latte, which I highly recommend trying out alongside with their matcha latte and hojicha latte.

Location: Ealing Broadway / Covent Garden

Instagram: @wacafelondon

The Whale Tea

Matcha Dalgona from The Whale Tea
Matcha Dalgona from The Whale Tea

The idea of mixing matcha and Dalgona coffee may have sounded rather sceptical, as one may easily overpower another. But you may be pleasantly surprised that, when done right, it could be quite a special drink. The Whale Tea has mastered the perfect balance here with its Matcha Dalgona Coffee, offering a good hit of coffee to start with and then the matcha seeping through as an afternote. It’s truly quite a unique sensation to the palate!

Location: Queensway

Instagram: @thewhaleteauk

The Alley

Matcha Deerioca Milk from The Alley

Given my love for bubble tea (and The Alley specifically), of course, I had to include The Alley‘s Matcha Deerioca Milk on the list as well.

I am absolutely in love with their Deerioca Milk series. More specifically, their Brown Sugar Deerioca Milk will always, always, be my number one favourite. Nonetheless, the matcha one was pretty good too.

Location: Holborn

Instagram: @thealleyuk


Matcha Oreo Ice Cream from Yolkin

Yolkin isn’t matcha-focused. But one thing I can guarantee you is that it serves some mega ice cream flavours and, of course, their famous macaroon ice cream sandwiches!

I can’t promise you that the flavour is always going to be available (best to keep an eye on their Instagram), but the Matcha Oreo ice cream was totally spot on!

Location: Chinatown

Instagram: @yolkinmacice

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