Can one ever be tired of matcha mille crepe cakes? I don’t think so! I feel like ever since matcha mille crepe gained so much popularity at Kova Patisserie, now similar Japanese cake shops just keep popping up all around London. Other than Kova, I’ve also tried out Machiya, Mille Patisserie, Sakurado, WA Cafe (although this one’s not specifically mille crepe). Now I’ve got another one ticked off the list – Katsute 100.

Stepping into Katsute 100 at Islington, even though it was quite crowded, I instantly loved the place. What made them stand out is its antique style tea room decor, which I find extremely charming and cosy. It’s like a mix of traditional English tea room and Japanese style.

“The word Katsute represents nostalgia, history, moments in time… ‘Once’. Step into a space where time moves more slowly, and each mouthful of our exquisite teas and home-made cakes can be experienced without the distractions of our bustling city. An oasis of Zen calm. “

Katsute 100

Other than tea and cake displays, there’s also a shelf showcasing traditional Japanese tableware, specifically tableware for drinking matcha tea as well as ceremonial matcha.

It was a very busy Saturday afternoon there, but luckily we managed to grab a table without waiting too long. Even the staff told us she’s never seen the shop that busy before! With that in mind, perhaps it would be nicer to visit on a weekday to fully enjoy the settings of the shop without the crowd.

Here is what we ordered:

Matcha Mille Crepe (£5.85)

Matcha Mille Crepe Cake at Katsure 100

With so many contenders in London, I think Katsute 100’s matcha mille crepe is one of the best so far. The cake was so lusciously creamy, with the perfect balance of sweetness. Every bite was bursting with satisfaction, and it just kept having me wanting for more!

Matcha Strawberry Shortcake (£5.85)

Matcha Strawberry Shortcake at Katsute 100

First and foremost, how photogenic is this cake?! And it’s not just a pretty look, it also tasted amazing. The matcha cake was soft and moist, with each lawyer perfectly balancing and complementing each other. Strawberries were sweet and of great quality as well. It was simply one perfect delightful slice of cake!

Genmaicha (£4)

Katsute 100 is a matcha specialist place so, of course, we had to give the drink a try. There’s a variety of tea infusions to choose from, as well as the standard matcha and matcha lattes, etc.

We decided to pick one from the leaf tea menu and went for a pot of Genmaicha. Genmaicha is basically green tea with roasted brown rice. How would that taste like? Well, it carries a very distinctive toasty character, with a very comforting flavour. The flavours were very wholesome, all-rounded, and creates a very calming effect at every sip. It’s something different but definitely worth trying! There’s a hot water kettle in the shop where you can refill your teapot as well – so it’s definitely worth the money (not that it’s unreasonably priced or expensive anyway!).

Matcha Hot Chocolate (£3.8)

Matcha Hot Chocolate at Katsute 100

Matcha Latte might be everywhere, but have you had a Matcha Hot Chocolate before? I know they exist but it’s certainly not as common. This hot chocolate was lusciously rich and velvety. It’s not too sweet, with the matcha adding an earthy touch to it.

In summary…

We absolutely loved Katsute 100 a lot. Despite the fact that’s it was packed when we visited, where we only managed to find a small table to squeeze in, but we still ended up really enjoying it. If you’re hanging out around Islington, I definitely recommend you visiting Katsute 100 – and hopefully when you visit it’s less busy so you get an even better experience!

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Tel: 020 7354 8395
Instagram: @katsute100

Nearest station: Angel

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