I have mentioned Mei Mei on my London Bridge Food Guide a little while ago, a relatively new addition to Borough Market that has caught my attention with its delicious Singaporean food. Since my last visit, I have recently decided to make another trip there to satisfy my Asian food cravings!

Last time, I grabbed a quick snack from them and was delightfully satisfied with their Kaya Toast and Teh Tarik. So this time, I was keen to get my hands on their hot dishes and see how they do.

Here is what we ordered:

Hainanese Chicken Rice Set (£12.5)

Hainanese Chicken Rice at Mei Mei

I debated for very long whether to get their Nasi Lemak or Hainanese Chicken Rice…and as you can see, the latter won in the end.

Hainanese Chicken Rice is such an important staple in Singaporean cuisine, consisting of poached fragrant chicken on seasoned rice (cooked with chicken fat), and served with a soup that is made from the broth from cooking the chicken. At Mei Mei, it also comes with cucumber, coriander, anchar pickles, as well as three sauces which are sambal chilli sauce, scallion ginger garlic sauce, and sweet soy sauce.

Verdict? I think it’s a pretty solid one indeed, though won’t go as far as claiming it’s the best one I’ve had in London.

The chicken was very tender and it’s got a really clean taste. Rice was mildly seasoned, though not as ‘fatty’ as I anticipated from a Hainanese Chicken Rice dish and relatively lacked a punch of chicken flavour in the rice itself (for my personal taste). As for the sauces, they are definitely a delight to go with the dish.

*Chicken is halal at Mei Mei

Kopi Peng (£3.5)

Ice Coffee at Mei Mei, Borough Market

I finished off with some Kopi Peng, which is iced coffee with condensed milk. What do I think of it? Well, it’s absolutely peng!

They use artisan roasted coffee from Kopi House UK, showcasing a rich and intense burst of coffee flavours with a creamy note. The condensed milk adds a beautiful touch of sweetness to it and creates a smooth velvety texture.

If you’re looking for a traditional taste of a Singaporean speciality, go for Kopi Gu You, which is kopi with condensed milk and a slab of butter. As far as I’m aware, Mei Mei is the only place in London that serves this slowly-forgotten traditional drink. I haven’t tried it myself but it’s definitely on my list to try when I return again.

Kaya Toast (£3.5) & Teh Tarik (£3.5)

Kaya Toast and Teh Tarik at Mei Mei, Borough Market

From that previous post, I treated myself to Kaya Toast and their Teh Tarik.

Starting with the Kaya Toast, I cannot recommend it enough! If you not familiar with Kaya Toast, it’s a classic Singaporean breakfast/snack, which is basically toast sandwiched with a slab of butter and caramel coconut jam (i.e. Kaya).

First of all, the Kaya was simply divine to taste. It’s got this rich and sensational sweetness that goes ridiculously well with the toast, served warm and beautifully gooey sandwiched in between. Very often, Kaya Toast comes with a massive slab of butter (sometimes it’s like a proper block even!), and it’d usually felt too much for me. But this one got the most perfect balance and – have I already mentioned – I love it!

As for their Teh Tarik, i.e. Singaporean “pulled” Nanyang tea with condensed milk, was nice too but could use a little bit more sweetness to it in my opinion.

In summary…

…Mei Mei is a lovely addition to Borough Market and most definitely worth stopping by. Both the Kaya Toast and Kopi was absolutely lush and I would be most excited to return to try out the Kopi Gu You as well.

Website: meimei.uk
Instagram: @meimeilondon

Nearest station: London Bridge

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Mei Mei Restaurant Review
Mei Mei Restaurant Review

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