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Near the Louvre, facing the garden and along the stripe of fancy hotels, is the legendary Angelina. The tearoom was established since 1903 and has been a huge attraction to people from all over the world. Its elegant setting and quality pastries make it a top must-visit spot of Paris. The sophistication and romanticism of the place truly reflect the essence of Paris.

We were lucky that there’s no queue when we visited. By the time we left, there was a massive queue outside. They separated two different queues – one for the pastry shop section, the other for the tearoom to dine in. And both queues were long there.

A range of pastries at Angelina Paris

The patisserie section was bright and having lots of alluring pastries on display. Each of them are made delicately and are the perfect eye candy (and to the taste buds too). Other packaged food products are also available there if you’re considering some fancy edible souvenir.

As for the tearoom section, it’s bustling yet elegantly refined. Marble tables are packed into the space and surrounded by mirror walls. It resembles a classic traditional European teahouse with a grand sophisticated touch. Not the flashy type of flaunt but a humble one that creates a pleasant atmosphere.

African Hot Chocolate (€8.20)

The African Hot Chocolate at Angelina Paris

The hot chocolate is precisely what we came here for. Angelina‘s signature hot chocolate is composed of three selected kinds of African cocoa from Niger, Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire, and are put together with their secret recipe.

Although €8 for a cup of hot cocoa seems ridiculous, it comes in a little jug that serves 2 cups. So get one and share it with your partner or friend. The chocolate was incredibly luscious and rich to taste. It carries this raw bitterness at first instance which caught me a bit off guard. I was expecting it to taste similar to the Said Dal 1923‘s hot chocolate but Angelina‘s at an even higher level. Whipped cream is served alongside. Make sure you scoop a dollop of cream and mix it into your hot chocolate – it creates such a velvety texture and a full-bodied flavour.

White Chocolate (€8.20)

Table spread of hot chocolates and pastries at Angelina Paris

I have a worry of white chocolate because I normally couldn’t stand the sickening sweetness from it. However, when it’s from a legendary hot chocolate place, I thought I would take a sip to try. To my surprise, it’s not sickening. Yes, it’s incredibly sweet as one would expect from white chocolate, but it’s far from the dreadful sweetness that I normally anticipate. Again it’s absolutely smooth and luscious to taste. Due to its already existing sweetness, no whipped cream is needed for the hot white chocolate. It’s already rich enough on its own.

Millie Feuille (€9)

Slice of Millie Feuille at Angelina Paris

When it comes to Millie Feuille, it often frustrates me when the pastry is super hard and leaves me absolutely clueless on how to tackle it. Angelina lived up to its name and has this really nice flakey pastry texture that’s easy to cut through and bite into. Generous amount of vanilla custard cream is layered between the pastry. Vanilla seeds are clearly visible on the custard cream but the flavour wasn’t as strong as I anticipated. It is in overall quite light with delectable flavours.

In summary…

…while their hot chocolates are really rich, their pastries are comparatively quite light. It’s a really lovely balance. However, do bear in mind these are all sugary food so despite having relatively balanced flavours, I still ended up with a sugar crash (don’t have a huge sweet tooth!).  All in all, it was a special experience. It may be rather pricey compared to a lot of pastry places but it’s worth visiting just to tick off the list. If you’re a huge sweet pastry and chocolate fan, here’s your food heaven!

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Halal Status

Please double-check the use of alcohol or pork gelatin in pastries

Tel: +33 1 42 60 82 00
Instagram: @angelina_paris

Nearest Metro station: Palais Royal Musée du Louvre

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Angelina Paris restaurant review

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  1. Georgie

    I love Angelina hot chocolate! It’s been almost two years since I last had it… dreaming of my next visit 😉

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