It’s no surprise that we frequent the Queensway area as that’s where Normah’s is. During all these visits, we couldn’t help but notice a new restaurant was in the works nearby. The floor-to-ceiling windows have totally caught my attention and, every time we visited Normah’s, we observed week by week as it transformed from an empty space into a charmingly well-decorated restaurant. Finally, it was revealed that this new restaurant is Ceru Queensway, a new & more elegant version of their other South Kensington branch. A few weeks after it officially opened its doors to the public, we popped in to try it out.

Ceru Restaurant: a Levantine sharing concept in London

Ceru Restaurant specialises in modern Eastern Mediterranean cuisine and runs a small-plates sharing concept. Its seasonal menu draws inspiration from the Levant region and showcases a kaleidoscope of Middle Eastern flavours. There is a good variety of vegetarian, meat, and seafood dishes to choose from and it is recommended to order 3 dishes per person.

From the lighting & design to smaller details such as the textured walls, Ceru Restaurant Queensway has this magical effect of transporting you away from London and straight into the Mediterranean. It’s got this chilled and relaxing ambience but with a sophisticated touch. My favourite part of the restaurant though is what’s tucked behind the large wooden door at the back of the restaurant. It’s a door to the bathroom but there is a small courtyard-like design that’s very pretty and aesthetic before leading to the actual bathrooms.

The Food at Ceru Queensway: What We Ordered

All meats served are halal at Ceru Restaurant Queensway. There is no pork on the menu but alcohol is served at the restaurant.

Date of visit: January 2022

Slow-cooked lamb shoulder at Ceru Restaurant

Lamb Shoulder (£14)

The lamb shoulder immediately caught our eye and we just had to get it. Slow-roasted for 5 hours in a blend of 12 Shawarma spices, the meat was incredibly tender with a melt-in-your-mouth sensation. Laced with a delectable sweetness from the pomegranate sauce as well as fresh mint and pistachio, the flavours were well-balanced and not overly rich. The portion was a little small in our opinion but the flavours were fantastic. A must-order when you visit Ceru in our opinion!

Chicken Shish Taouk skewers

Shish Taouk (£10)

The Shish Taouk comes in two large skewers, served over a bed of herb yoghurt. The chicken was generally tender to taste but we felt that it was missing a touch of zing to it. We couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was but the flavours seemed a bit off-balance to us. It wasn’t bad per se but we couldn’t say we particularly enjoyed this one.

Leg of French Rabbit at Ceru Restaurant

Roasted Leg of Rabbit (£12)

Next up was the tender leg of French rabbit, served with spicy cannellini beans and a citrus dressing. If you haven’t had rabbit before, it’s kind of similar to the taste of chicken but gamier. This roasted leg of rabbit tasted like chicken with an earthier touch but not much gaminess to it. Rabbit meat is naturally leaner so the meat was a little bit on the dry side but not too bad overall. The cannellini beans were not spicy as described but were a great munch. All in all, it was an okay dish but a rather easily forgettable one.

Polenta and feta chips at Ceru Restaurant

Spiced Polenta & Feta Fries (£5)

Moving onto the side dishes, we went with the Polenta & Feta Fries, served with a side of mint & dill yoghurt. We really enjoyed this one and wished there were more! They were perfectly golden & crispy on the outside and deliciously mushy on the inside. The flavours were perfect – light and savoury but with a mild cheesy touch.

A bowl of Arabic scented rice at Ceru Restaurant

Orez CERU (Arabic scented rice) (£5)

For sides, we also had the Arabic fried rice, which came very heavily scented with cinnamon. It was also laced with crispy onions and sultanas, which added a subtle sweetness to the dish. It was generally fragrant and perfumy to taste but it’s not a flavour that we’re particularly used to, hence not head over heels about it. But, all in all, it’s still a decent side dish.

Two scoops of baklava flavoured ice cream

Flavours of Baklava Ice Cream (£7.5)

Last but not least, desserts. We had the Flavours of Baklava Ice Cream – so not a baklava ice cream but baklava flavours in the form of ice cream. Essentially, it is cardamom ice cream with nut brittle and burnt honey caramel. The ice cream was absolutely delicious and was perfectly creamy and velvety to taste. The burnt honey caramel chunks were quite an addictive munch. They were almost like candies but better. With a light dust of pistachios on top, it added great texture to the ice cream. We absolutely loved it.

A glass of passionfruit mojito mocktail

Passionfruit Mojito (£5)

For drinks, there are a handful of mocktail options to choose from. The other half had the passionfruit mojito, which was very refreshing and tangy to taste. Other non-alcoholic mojitos on the menu include Orange & Ginger Mojito, Apple Mojito, and Rhubarb Mojito.

A cup of honey mint green tea

CERU Green Detox (£3.50)

As for me, I went with the CERU Green Detox tea, which is essentially hot green tea with fresh mint and a dash of honey. It’s a fantastic drink to finish the meal with and I especially enjoyed the warming and soothing sensation of the hot honey in the tea.

Another hot tea that comes highly recommended by the staff is their signature Turkish Apple Tea. Alternatively, if you order coffee and/or hot chocolate, it comes with a slice of baklava!

Restaurant Review Summary

Whilst the food hasn’t blown our minds, our overall experience at the Queensway branch of Ceru Restaurant has been enjoyable. A handful of dishes were more memorable, but also some were rather easily forgettable. It’s a bit pricey for what is, in our opinion, but the restaurant ambience was lovely and made up for the whole dining experience. The intimate atmosphere & ambience certainly make it a great restaurant pick for a romantic date night. If we were to return to the restaurant, I would be keen to try out their seafood options as the menu looked enticing, albeit more expensive. It’s something a little bit different in the area which is worth trying out if you’re around Queensway.

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Halal Status

All meats served are halal at Ceru Restaurant. Alcohol is served at the restaurant.

Tel: 020 3195 3002
Instagram: cerulondon

Nearest station: Queensway / Bayswater

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