I’ve heard plenty of great things about Chick N’ Sours before, the ever-popular fried chicken restaurant in Covent Garden that has got plenty of hype when it first launched. Until recently, I discovered that Chick N’ Sours actually does halal chicken, as well as the beef for their beef dripping. I just had to go check it out to see what I’ve been missing out this whole time!

About Chick N’ Sours

Chick N’ Sours is all about delivering next-level fried chicken and creative sour-style cocktails. Albeit the latter isn’t relevant to us. They pride themselves on sourcing high-quality ingredients and freshly prepare them each day, so it’s no wonder that their food comes in high praises all around. One of the burgers/chicken sandwiches on their menu has also been voted within the top 10 of best dishes in London and their bold flavour combos have made them stand out from other gourmet fried chicken restaurants. It’s the passion for good quality fried chicken and the creatively unique side dishes such as pickled watermelon etc. that made them continue to be the talk of the town.

Atmosphere & Service

We visited the Covent Garden branch at Seven Dials. They also have branches in Haggerston and Spitalfields (temporarily closed), as well as a dark kitchen operating in Whitechapel for deliveries. We opted for a table outside but that doesn’t mean missing out on the fantastic vibe the restaurant has set out. Seating areas are located downstairs, simple but full of character and have a very lively atmosphere. The great playlist can be explained by the fact that one of the co-founders of Chick N’ Sours is an ex-DJ! We enjoyed sitting outside where we can still enjoy the music but not have it too loud (which we usually find as a buzz-kill).

Service-wise, the staff are extremely friendly. Even though it’s quite busy, they are always smiling, down for a chat, and would get out of their way to cater for you. It really makes a part of the whole dining experience.

The Food (What We Ordered)

The menu isn’t huge so it shouldn’t be too hard to make up your mind on what to get! Take your pick on their famous fried chicken sandwiches, starters, wings, chicken tenders, and a selection of their creative side dishes. Vegan options are also available. All chicken and beef (for the beef dripping) are halal across all branches. For the Covent Garden branch, only the Mexinese Nachos isn’t halal. From my knowledge, the whole menu is halal for the Haggerston branch.

Hot Wings / Kung Pao Wings (£7 – 6 pieces)

We tried out their Disco Wings, where you get to choose from naked, hot, or kung pao flavours. They come in portions of 6/9/18 pieces and we went with 6 wings and got half of them in hot, and the other half in kung pao sauce.

The hot wings are essentially buffalo wings, whereas the Kung Pao one is a Chinese-influenced one with soy sauce, peanuts, and chillies. First thing first, the chicken was fried to the perfect crisp, with such a lovely crunch as you bite into it and the meat incredibly succulent. I enjoyed both flavours. They both carried a little kick of heat but nothing too spicy. Both are great and if you enjoy Chinese flavours, the Kung Pao one is kind of a unique fusion. Though my other half, while acknowledging the wings were good, wasn’t as keen with the Kung Pao flavour.

K-Pop Chicken Burger (£11)

K-Pop Fried Chicken Burger at Chicken N' Sours

The one that got Chick N’ Sours the talk of the town is definitely the K-Pop Chicken Sandwich. It has been voted the 6th best dish in London and one that’s been getting a ton of raves. What you can expect is a massive piece of crispy fried chicken thigh, served with Gochujang mayo, chilli vinegar, sriracha sour cream, and topped generously with Asian slaw.

Be ready to get messy as the burger is huge and a saucy one! The chicken was tender and succulent, with a very subtle heat that’s balanced with a refreshing tang from the Asian slaw. The flavour balance was truly impeccable. There wasn’t a single moment, even when I’m already absolutely stuffed, where the burger felt greasy. The Asian slaw was no doubt a win and added texture to the sandwich/burger. All in all, it really hit the spot and would definitely recommend it!

Beef Dripping Fries (£3)

A bowl of Beef Dripping Fries at Chick N' Sours

For sides, we shared a portion of the beef dripping fries, which is also halal. There is a vegan option available as well.

The fries were crispy and crunchy on the outside, and fluffy on the inside. The beef dripping was subtle but incredibly effective. It gives this little extra boost and savoury touch that makes the fries such an addictive munch. I’ve never been so keen about getting fries, honestly.

Restaurant Review Summary

We loved our experiences at Chick N’ Sours and have already made another visit back as I write up this article! Not only is the food great but also all the little things from service to music & vibes that made up the positive experience. Would definitely recommend it if you’re around Covent Garden / Leicester Square area. The only thing we would pick on is the lack of mocktails options for halal diners. But that’s just more of a nice to have and doesn’t change how much we have enjoyed dining here. The staff also mentioned that mocktails are something they are looking to add to the menu in the near future as well.

If you’re a real fanatic for fried chicken, they do this whole fried chicken on Sundays, which requires 2 days notice in advance to reserve (can be done online). Yes, not just fried chicken wings or drumsticks, but a whole chicken being deep-fried. Talk about Sunday Roast alternatives and no doubt a great one for sharing!

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  • Food
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  • Service
  • Value for Money

Halal Status

Chicken and beef are halal at Chick N’ Sours. For the Covent Garden branch, only the Mexinese Nachos isn’t halal. Alcohol is present.

Tel: 020 3198 4814
Website: https://www.chicknsours.co.uk/
Instagram: chicknsours

Nearest stations: Covent Garden / Leicester Square / Tottenham Court Road

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