*Please note that Hummus Lina has closed down.

Hummus Lina is new food stall at Camden’s Stables Market, potentially making the best hummus in London, and serving you a healthy twist of street food in contrast to all the other options in the market.  They have opened not too long ago and was kind enough to invite us over for a review (all thoughts are my own).

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There are three options available on the menu, which are Hummus Lina (chickpeas, tahini, parsley, lemon, garlic, spices and olive oil), Hummus with Mushrooms (mixed mushroom stew, roasted onions, paprika, parsley and olive oil), and Hummus Guacamole (red beans, tahini, guacamole, red peppers, coriander and chilli). They are £5 each and you can get additional toppings for £1 each (options include extra bread, boiled egg, guacamole and chickpea).

Their hummus is freshly made every day, taking 7 hours of cooking, served in a massive bowl with the toppings and garnishes of your choice, and comes with a side of warm pita bread.

Hummus with Mushrooms (£5)

Hummus with Mushrooms at Hummus Lina

Visually, these hummus bowls were absolutely beautiful to look at. The fresh ingredients simply added so much vibrancy to the dish and made it so much more appealing and appetizing.

The hummus was warm and had this luscious creamy and velvety texture. It tasted really fresh and with the help of all the garnishes and dressings, the flavours were elevated – creating this tangy and flavoursome sensation. Among all those garnishes we have added, I feel my most favourite ones are definitely the pesto and paprika as they really bring out the flavours. In addition, as far as our taste buds can detect, their olive oils are also of pretty high quality, which is a key element in bringing out the best flavours.

As for my mushroom toppings, the mushrooms were chunky but soft, and they were very well seasoned and refreshing to taste.

Hummus Guacamole (£5)

Hummus with Guacamole from Hummus Lina

I really liked that the guacamole was served cubed rather than being mushed up as per typical serving. Both red beans and red peppers added texture to the creamy base of hummus and were well-seasoned and light to taste.

In summary…

I never thought I would enjoy eating hummus like that. Having tried so many times, it can be concluded that I’m simply not a hummus person as it never seems to leave a particularly good impression to me. I think Hummus Lina really showed me the real deal about hummus, and I loved it! If you can convert someone who didn’t like hummus to scraping the bowl clean with pita bread (though towards the end it felt a bit sickening with all the creaminess), I’m sure a successful journey is ahead of them.

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Tel: 07376 728364

Nearest Underground station: Camden Town

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