Where to find the Best Croissants in London

Paris might be best known for croissants and pastries, but London is not too shabby too! Speaking like a proud Londoner, there are so many excellent artisan bakeries as well as high-profile luxury patisseries where I dare say we are right up there as a city of great pastries. From classic French butter croissants to innovative creations, savoury or sweet, London has it all. In this article, we’ve rounded up where you can find the best croissants in London. If you’re a pastry lover like me, you’d definitely want to save/bookmark this post!

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The Best Bakeries for Croissants in London

Lemon Meringue Croissant at Chestnut Bakery London

Chestnut Bakery

Crowned winner of the UK’s best croissant, you just know you’re in for a treat at Chestnut Bakery. With seasonally changing flavours for both sweet & savoury croissants, you’re never ever going to be bored with options there.

Sidr Honey Croissant at Qima Cafe London

Qima Cafe

It was love at first sight when I first visited Qima Cafe. This Yemeni coffee shop is an exquisite gem in London, not just for its coffee but also for its pastries. You must not miss out on their Sidr Honey Croissant, featuring the perfect flaky pastry glazed with delightfully fragrant Yemeni Sidr honey. Alternatively, their Almond Croissant is also highly regarded as one of the best in London as well!

Miel Bakery

Here’s another favourite bakery of mine. Miel Bakery‘s pastries are the definition of joy. While my personal favourite is probably their Pistachio Escargot, their croissants are not one to be missed out. It’s any pastry lover’s dream there, with the finest quality & execution guaranteed. They also make a fantastic cup of coffee as well, which would be your perfect companion to your croissant & pastry!

Aries Bakehouse

Aries Bakehouse is a south London gem and its popularity speaks for itself. Their twice-baked almond croissants are widely regarded as one of the best in London and they get sold out quickly. They are only open from Thursdays to Sundays and close around 2-3 pm. The bottom line is that you’d want to act fast to make sure you catch all the goodies before they’re gone!

Nobu Cafe

From the very famous Nobu itself, you bet Nobu Cafe is going to live up to the hype. The Japanese cafe headlines with exquisite offerings such as Matcha Croissant, Strawberry Cheesecake Croissant, and Chocolate Praline Croissant. They’re undoubtedly some of the best croissants in London and you just know you’re in for a treat!

Pistachio Pain Suisse at Layla Bakery London

Layla Bakery

Layla Bakery is a West London favourite and one of my neighbourhood go-to spots for pastries. Their croissants are top tier and they also offer plenty of seasonally-flavoured pastries. It’s a local favourite spot for a reason!

Toklas Bakery

Toklas Restaurant is known for its Mediterranean food offerings but they also run an excellent bakery right next to the restaurant and serve up some of the best croissants & bakery goods in London. In addition to excellent pastries, they also offer Roman-style pizza slices, making it the ideal spot for a little sit-down munch in the area.

Cedric Grolet The Berkeley

The celebrity pastry chef needs no further introduction. It’s famous & well-regarded for making some of the best croissants in Paris. There’s no exception in London. You can find Cedric Grolet at The Berkeley Hotel by London Hyde Park. Whilst some expressed that their other pastries weren’t their cup of tea, the croissants have always remained top-tier.

Toad Bakery

Here’s another south London gem that swooned many Londoners. Toad Bakery is an independent bakery in Camberwell that regularly attracts long queues for their pastries. Other than classic croissants, they are also known for innovative croissant creations, one of them being a cornbread croissant and it’s mighty good. Fun fact: Toad Bakery was originally named Frog Bakery, which ended up with a bit of a legal drama with Frog Restaurant and eventually had to change their name!

Pistachio Croissant at Burnt Restaurant London


There might not be much around the area but Burnt alone is probably worth making the trip there. Using croissants from The Dusty Knuckle, Burnt has revamped them into an irresistible Twice-Baked Pistachio Croissant by soaking it in vanilla and filling it with frangipani. Other than the gorgeous croissant, they also do lovely brunch dishes and are a great neighbourhood spot.

Philippe Conticini

Why settle with small regular croissants when you can grab an XXL croissant?! Philippe Conticini has been the pastry trendsetter in London, first with the viral New York-style supreme croissant, and now with this enormous giant of a croissant. No joke, this XXL croissant is literally bigger than anyone’s head. It’s great for sharing, but there’s also no shame in having it all for yourself!

Cafe Kitsune

If you head to Cafe Kitsune London, make sure you get your hands on their Double-baked Matcha Croissant as it’s a masterpiece. I’ve called it the best Matcha Croissant you can find in London and it remains true today.

Day Day Drink

Day Day Drink may be a Taiwanese bubble tea spot but did you know that they have a small selection of bakery goods as well? One of the bakery goods is the Mini Kara Sugar Custard Croissant, an east-meets-west flavour combo that’ll swoon your sweet tooth. Their boba is really lovely too and is one of the best bubble tea spots in London as well.

Le Deli Robuchon London

Their croissant cubes have stirred quite a hype in London where people flocked to Le Deli Robuchon and suddenly put them on the map as a top pastry spot in town. Even though there have been mixed reviews around the croissant cube, their classic croissants are known to be quite a delight. Sometimes less is more, and that’s probably the case here – keeping it simple and sticking to a plain classic butter croissant.

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