Oats are often seen as something boring, but it doesn’t have to be. OATIS is going to tell you exactly that. Newly opened in Queensway for breakfast & lunch is OATIS, a cafe specialising in everything about oats. Initially, I thought it’d be like Butterscotch Bakery’s Goldilocks Porridge Bar (now closed), but OATIS shows its love for oats at a different level with all sorts of creative oats-based dishes.

OATIS boasts itself as the “home of wholesome”. Not just wholesome foods but also a cosy, aesthetic, and wholesome interior that makes you feel immediately welcomed the moment you walk in. You’d be greeted with cream-coloured walls and light wooden tables, with bright orange tiles lined on one side. There are a variety of pastries available at the counter in addition to its menu as well.

OATIS Cafe: An Appreciation for Steel-cut Oats

As you would expect, the menu at OATIS is all about healthy & wholesome foods. It champions the wellness benefits of steel-cut oats, serving wholesome and filling sweet and savoury oat bowls, as well as oat smoothies, buckwheat pancakes, salads, etc.

Every ingredient is carefully chosen from reputable suppliers including Honest Oats, British Farmers, Innermost, etc. Expect high-quality and all-natural ingredients, together with its carefully designed menu, that aim to contribute to your daily nutritional & fibre intake. Everything will be made fresh to order and promises no hidden ingredients.

*Disclaimer: this was a complimentary meal but all thoughts are our own.

The Food at OATIS (what we ordered)

Date of visit: August 2023

Oat Latte

First things first, coffee. By default, all coffees will use oat milk but normal milk can be requested if that’s what you prefer. I’ve stuck with oat milk and thoroughly enjoyed my coffee. Serving speciality coffee from The Roasting Party, the latte has a lovely full-bodied texture and a creamy velvety touch to it. It’s a solidly good cup of coffee and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every sip of it.

The Seoul Bowl

It’s definitely not your common breakfast oatmeal as the Seoul Bowl comes loaded with spicy kimchi, spring onions, soft-boiled egg, crispy fried shallots and a drizzle of chilli oil. The original has bulgogi pork as a topping which I’ve asked to remove.

Using steel-cut oats, there’s a coarse & chewy texture to it. Cooked with just water, the oats itself could feel a little plain but when you enjoy it with the toppings, it’s a different experience. It took a few spoonfuls to start getting used to it. The kimchi adds a small kick to it and there’s a strong garlicky taste overall. It might not be for everyone, but it’s certainly something unique to try.

Chocolate Cacao Chip Pancakes

For someone who’s used to fluffy American buttermilk pancakes, it’s inevitable that I would find these vegan & gluten-free buckwheat pancakes a bit lacklustre as they are denser & drier texture in comparison. Topped with a massive spread of thick yoghurt, sliced banana, dark chocolate & date caramel drizzle, there’s quite a zingy touch to it. However, it was missing an earthy rich dark chocolate touch, in my opinion. I wasn’t the biggest fan of it but it was alright.

OATIS Cafe Review Summary

If you’re a health fanatic or fancy an alternative wholesome breakfast, OATIS is definitely a unique option to consider. Whilst it was fun to try, I can’t say I’m much of a health-foods fan, so the food probably won’t be a huge draw to me other than the odd day here & there when I crave oats. Nonetheless, I absolutely adored the chilled atmosphere & interior of the cafe, which would be my personal reason for returning. It’s a unique addition to the area and definitely another great coffee shop in Notting Hill.

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Nearest station: Bayswater / Queensway

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