2019, what a year for Bubble Tea in London! Just when I thought we’re done with the list of new bubble tea openings, here comes The Alley who just opened up their first UK outpost in Holborn, London.

They say third time’s a charm. I first came across The Alley in Hong Kong. I’ve been meaning to try for a long time but the queue had always been horrendously long. Then I spotted them in Da Nang, Vietnam – however only through the windows of my taxi on the way to the airport while we’re leaving. Now hearing about their opening in London, I just knew this is finally my time!

I was surprised that the shop is not situated in Chinatown. Perhaps that’s a good thing because it’s less crowded then. It’s still centrally located, situated along High Holborn, but also just away from the madness at Westend.

The shop is actually quite cute and they’ve got some comfortable seating available. It’s almost like a small cafe where you can sit down and just chill out with a bubble tea in hand – what an ideal setting!

Brown Sugar Deerioca Creme Brulee Milk (£4.8)

The Alley Brown Sugar Boba

I love a good boba milk so much. This one stood out to me with all the layers of texture it got.

It started with a creamy layer on top, then to the little creme brulee bits that added texture to the drink. The milk was rich and velvety. It’s got the right amount of syrup and the tapioca pearls were oozing of that brown sugar fragrance. The texture of the tapioca pearls was nicely al dente and I loved the fact that it’s warm – meaning it’s freshly cooked!

Matcha Brown Sugar Deerioca Milk (£4.6)

The Alley Matcha Brown Sugar Deerioca Milk

I also tried the matcha version of the boba milk (on a different day in case you’re wondering if I downed two bobas in one go – the answer is no).

Whilst the original remains my preference, the matcha one isn’t bad either. It’s got a nice ratio of matcha in there which blended well with the milk. This one was slightly sweeter than the Creme Brulee Boba Milk – for me, it’s at the verge of being a tad bit too sweet but still good.

In summary…

…I couldn’t be more ecstatic about the opening of The Alley. They’re definitely now securely on my top favourite bubble tea list in London! If you love boba as much as I do, you need to give The Alley a visit!

  • Food
  • Atmosphere
  • Value

Website: https://www.thealley.world
Instagram: @thealley.ldn

Nearest station: Holborn

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