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Following Tiger Sugar opening in London at the beginning of the year, we now have another Taiwanese boba joint that has just opened up in China Town – Xing Fu Tang (幸福堂)!

Xing Fu Tang has been on the top of my boba list for Hong Kong. I was hearing all these positive reviews from my friends there and how everyone raves about it. Originated in Taiwan, the boba joint has completely caused a sensation across Asia in just a very short amount of time. It actually only just started out in January 2018 and the store rapidly expanded to more than 40 stores across the country by the end of the year. Today, Xing Fu Tang has shops in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Philippines, Thailand, Australia, Japan, USA…and now London!

The concept of Xing Fu Tang is stir-fried brown sugar boba milk. As you walk into the shop, the first thing you’d see is a wok where staff would be cooking and stirring away fresh tapioca pearls in brown sugar syrup. You know it’s good and authentic when you can smell the alluring aroma of the black sugar syrup bubbling away.

Signature Brown Sugar Boba Milk

Brown Sugar Boba Milk at Xing Fu Tang London

You already know I love bubble tea but I think I have found myself a new favourite, which is the boba milk. A prerequisite for the boba milk to work though is the tapioca pearls. If the syrup and tapioca pearls weren’t cooked properly, the drink just wouldn’t work at all. And thankfully, this place definitely knows how to properly do the job.

First of all, the freshly cooked tapioca pearls were scooped into the cup, allowing the brown sugar syrup to create ‘tiger stripes’ on the sides of the cup. Next, after the milk and cream was poured in, a handful of brown sugar will be sprinkled on top and torched for caramelisation.

Now that’s what I think made the difference and made Xing Fu Tang stands out from the market. The tapioca pearls were cooked perfectly where it’s of just the flawless chewy al dente texture, with a subtle brown sugar syrup fragrance oozing out per bite. In addition to the velvety creamy milk, the final caramelised touch really got to elevate the brown sugar flavour.

All in all, this was such a great boba treat! One thing though, I’d recommend ordering it with less ice for sure. When the ice started to melt, it watered down the drink. The milk wasn’t already particularly rich to start with so the melting ice somewhat ruined the flavours.

My fortune message!

Before I wrap up this post, I thought it was certainly worth mentioning its cute little fortune drawer where you can play around while you wait for your drink. For those unfamiliar with how it works, you draw a stick with a number on and you match the number with the drawer, and there will be a little fortune message (hopefully it’s all about good luck) waiting for you!

Summing up, if you’re boba lover like me, you must visit Xing Fu Tang! This Taiwanese sensation gained so much popularity for a good reason and its quality screams for itself especially on the meticulous cooking of the tapioca pearls. Now that I had a taste of proper good and quality tapioca pearls, it’s going to be hard going back to regular boba chains!

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Xing Fu Tang Bubble Tea Review

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