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Berenjak DIY Meal kits

When will restaurants be able to open its doors again? We really don’t know. We all miss dining out but the good news is we can now recreate these restaurant flavours at home with their DIY meal kits. Many restaurants even offer nationwide delivery, so no one is missing out on the fun! These DIY meal kits are genuinely a game-changer and really fun. If you haven’t tried it yet, I totally recommend you giving it a try. So here we are with a list of some of the best halal-friendly restaurant DIY meal kits for you to try at home and to show support to your favourite restaurants.

*header photo credits to Berenjak

Cue Point

Smoked Beef Brisket from Cue Point
Photo credits to Cue Point

Cue Point specialises in British Afghan Fusion BBQ, offering quality smoked barbecue by fusing various influences such as Texan, Argentinean, Afghan, Brazilian, etc. into British barbecue.

I remember visiting their White City site at W12 Studios a while back and was absolutely blown away by their delicious Beef Brisket Burger. Apart from that lip-smacking beef brisket bun, they also offer DIY meal kits on their NACOS, i.e. Naan + Tacos, which have been having raving reviews across the board as well. Vegan NACOS are available as well.

Everything is halal at Cue Point.

Delivery: Nationwide

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Nannybill's Dalston Dip Burger

Just when I was complaining about how saturated and mediocre the (halal) burger market has got in London, Nannybills had come out to prove me wrong.

They are most certainly currently my favourite halal burger place in London, and it’s terrific news that they’re delivering their own DIY Burger Kits. You can recreate the epic Dalston Dip Burger at home and they also have Halal Double Bacon Cheeseburger offering.

Delivery: Nationwide

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Mother Clucker

Fried Chicken Strips at Mother Clucker

Mother Clucker is no doubt my all-time favourite fried chicken spot in London. Their tea brined, buttermilk soaked, twice battered, halal fried chicken is absolutely sensational.

With their DIY meal kits, you can now recreate their phenomenal famous fried chicken strips or fried chicken burger (their ridiculously delicious hot sauce included) at the comforts of your own home. For vegetarian options, they also offer a fried halloumi kit.

Every £2.50 from all orders for their 4-person D-I-Fry Box will go to Brixton Soup Kitchen.

Everything is halal at Mother Clucker.

Delivery: Nationwide

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Kabab Grill at Berenjak
Photo credits to Berenjak

Berenjak has taken Persian grills to a different level in London. I still dream over that incredibly delicious Lamb Barreh Kebab since my last visit to the restaurant.

Their pre-marinated Kabab Kits include both the Lamb Barreh Kabab and Chicken Jujeh Kabab Tond. It also comes with their clay-baked lavash bread and their bespoke metal skewers. If you have a barbecue at home, that would be the best scenario! But if not, domestic grills do the job too.

Chicken and lamb are halal at Berenjak.

Delivery: Nationwide – England & Wales only

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Sambal Shiok

Laksa at Sambal Shiok

It’s no secret I’m obsessed with Laksas. With the chillier weathers these days, Sambal Shiok is here to deliver a warming DIY laksa kit to your doorstep.

They are definitely a giant hug in a bowl, with a good ton of spice in it. Apart from their Special Prawn & Chicken Laksa, you can also choose from Assam Laksa, Prawn Laksa, or their Vegan Special Laksa as well.

Everything is halal at Sambal Shiok.

Delivery: Nationwide

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Old Chang Kee

The best of savoury pastries? Definitely Singaporean curry puffs in my opinion (well, there’s the obviously east Asian bias…but still!).

Old Chang Kee is a shop situated in Covent Garden (and now Fitzrovia as well) that specialises in this delicious treat. They kick-started the frozen meal delivery service as soon as lockdown hit. Old Chang Kee came up with the idea of delivering their signature Singaporean curry puffs, rendangs and curries to your door in frozen form, which can be easily reheated at home any time.

Everything is halal at Old Chang Kee.

Rice Guys

Having visited Rice Guys’ stall at Liverpool Street two years ago, I’m very excited that they are now offering meal kit deliveries. Halal offerings include their very popular Hainanese Chicken Rice Set, Cantonese Roast Duck Rice Set, or a Whole Cantonese Roast Duck that feeds for 4-6 people.

Chicken & duck are halal at Rice Guys.

Delivery: Nationwide (Thursdays or Fridays)

Link to shop

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Smoke & Bones

Smoked Brisket and Spare Ribs at Smokes & Bones
Photo credits to Smokes & Bones

Smoke & Bones is home to quality halal American barbecue and you may have come across them at various pop-ups before. Now you can purchase fully cooked BBQ meals via their website and simply reheat them at home. All meats are smoked in the morning, then dispatched for next day delivery.

You can choose from a couple of classics, such as briskets and ribs, also their popular Wagyu burnt ends, as well as Christmas boxes (Brisket or Turkey) or their monthly special boxes.

Everything is halal at Smoke & Bones.

Delivery: Nationwide

Link to shop

Drums & Flat

Drums & Flat Chicken Wings DIY Meal Kit
Photo credits to Drums & Flat

Drums & Flat is a gourmet chicken wings shop in Boxpark Wembly. For DIY kits, you get to choose from either their Sticky BBQ Wings or their Bangin’ Buffalo Wings. You also get to choose from ordering a portion for 2 persons or 4 persons.

Everything is halal at Drums & Flat.

Delivery: Nationwide

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White Men Can’t Jerk

Jerk Chicken & Chips by White Men Can't Jerk
Photo credits to White Men Can’t Jerk

I first came across White Men Can’t Jerk at KERB King’s Cross a couple of years back. And I can report that they do some pretty nice wings there!

Their DIY Meal Kits options included their Jerk Chicken Meal Box (feeds 4), Jerk Chicken & Chips, and their Jerk Buns. In addition, on their website, you can purchase their range of sauces in bottles as well.

Chicken is halal at White Men Can’t Jerk.

Delivery: Nationwide

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Kashmiri Lamb Chops at Gunpowder

Having two successful restaurants across London, Gunwpoder is currently offering DIY meal kits for both their Kashmiri Lamb Chops and Tandoori Chicken.

Both DIY meal kits serve 2 people and come with a large portion of their marinated meats, lots of tandoori new potatoes, and broccoli with mustard malai marinade.

Chicken and lamb are halal at Gunpowder – please double check with the restaurant as suppliers may change.

Delivery: Nationwide

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Baba G’s Bhangra Burger

Baba G is known to offer an Indian twist on classic burgers. I remember finding them during their pop-up days and digging my teeth into their monstrous burgers. Expect Indian curry flavours packed in a burger and sandwiched in between their sweet buttermilk naan style buns.

For their DIY meal kits, you can pick from their Lamb Jalfrezi Burger or the Paneer Saag Burger to make at home. Each kit makes 4 burgers.

Everything is halal at Baba G.

Delivery: Nationwide

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Rasa Sayang

Photo credits to Rasa Sayang

Long-standing in Chinatown serving halal Southeast Asian dishes, Rasa Sayang has also jumped on the train delivering their DIY meal kits.

You can choose from a classic Nasi Lemak, Beef Rendang or their Curry Chicken. P.S. The beef rendang was really good!

Everything is halal at Rasa Sayang.

Delivery: Nationwide

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Nasi Economy Rice

Malaysian Chicken Curry Set Meal Kit from Nasi Economy Rice
Photo credits to Nasi Economy Rice

Nasi Economy Rice is a newly opened sister restaurant to Sambal Shiok, offering a range of other Malaysian dishes. Think of the likes of Malaysian chicken curry, potato curry puffs, prawn sambal, etc.

Everything is halal at Nasi Economy Rice.

Delivery: Nationwide

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Kadiris Biryani DIY meal kit
Photo credits to Kadiris

Making biryanis since 1974, Kadiris is now offering a DIY Biryani Kit. It serves 5 people and the kit includes biryani rice, spice mix with saffron, their secret biryani powder, fried onions, plus their cooking guide. Though you’d still need to prep the basic ingredients, such as the meat, tomato, onions, ginger, garlic, on your own.

Apart from the biryani kit, you can also order their chilled biryanis (chicken or mutton) to reheat at home.

Everything is halal at Kadiris.

Delivery: Nationwide – except Scottish Highlands

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Ramen from Ramoramen
Photo credits to Ramoramen

Ramoramen has stood out from the market offering halal Filipino-Japanese fusion ramen, no doubt a breath of fresh air in London’s halal dining scene. You can now enjoy a taste of their award-winning Oxtail Kare Kare Ramen and Chicken Sopa Ramen at home with their newly launched DIY meal kits. There’s a vegetarian option as well featuring their Miso Mushroom Ramen. Each kit costs £30 and feeds 2.

Everything is halal at Ramoramen

Delivery: Nationwide

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Zelman Meats

Zelman Meats Steak Feast
Photo credits to Zelman Meats

A good steak dinner is easily one of the most missed dishes when staying at home. Zelman Meats has been the go-to affordable halal-friendly steak house for many of us and now they are offering a halal steak dinner meal kit for nationwide delivery. The steak dinner kit involves an Australian Ribeye, Canadian Sirloin, Hispi Cabbage with anchovy butter, Burrata with tomato pesto, BBQ sauce, three-peppercorn steak spice, and fresh garlic, rosemary & thyme. Clear instructions are included to teach you how to make great steaks at home.

Delivery: Nationwide

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Cona DIY Meal Kits
Photo credits to Cona

Not London-based but Cona is a well-known name amongst halal diners with their attractive offerings featuring prime cuts of natural graded beef and world-class halal Wagyu Beef from Japan & Australia. Choose from burgers, steak dinner box, wagyu steaks, and/or even beef wellington dinner box to recreate at home!

Everything is halal at Cona Restaurant.

Delivery: Nationwide

Link to shop

Passyunk Avenue

Photo credits to Passyunk Avenue

Passyunk Avenue offers a true American feast and is most known for its Philly Cheesesteak and Buffalo Wings. You can recreate these at home with their bundles, i.e. DIY meal kits. The cheesesteak kit comes with Prime Rib Eye Steak, their freshly baked soft Italian ‘Hoagie’ bread, and your pick of cheese (provolone, their homemade cheese wiz, and/or American cheese). Their wings are also known for being one of the best in London, with both buffalo and blue cheese sauces included in their kits.

Beef, chicken & turkey are halal at Passyunk Avenue.

Delivery: Nationwide

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Photo credits to Charred

Charred has been longstanding a popular stop at Old Spitalfields Market with its mouthwatering Texas-style halal smoked meats offering. DIY Meal Kits offerings include their 14-hour Smoked USDA Brisket, Whole Spatchcock Smoked Chicken, 10-hour Smoked Whole Lamb Shoulder, and many more. A range of fresh and modern accompaniments are also available to order to pair with the meats.

In addition, you can also order prepped meals from Charred which are all under 500 calories and macro-friendly – perfect to those who are on a fitness journey but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice anything on flavours!

Everything is halal at Charred.

Delivery: Nationwide

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Juma Kitchen

Photo credits to Juma Kitchen / Restaurant Kits

Juma Kitchen has become a popular spot around Borough Market for its modern take on Iraqi cuisine. They have recently launched their DIY Meal Kit, featuring their Tepsi Beitenjan burger plus kunefe for dessert, available for nationwide delivery. The Tepsi Beitenjan burger is basically an Iraqi-inspired burger, featuring lamb pattie layered with crispy lettuce, fried onion rings, stewed aubergine, potato chips, and a tangy tomato & red pepper ketchup. It’s something unique and different to the typical burger for sure and who wouldn’t want some kunefe for dessert?!

Everything is halal at Juma Kitchen

Delivery: Nationwide

Link to shop

Flesh & Buns

Photo credits to Flesh & Buns / Restaurant Kits

Enjoy a little taste of Izakaya Japanese food with Flesh & Bun’s bao kit, featuring succulent breaded halal chicken thighs with BBQ mayo, shiso leaves, red chillies, and fluffy bao buns.

Only Chicken is halal at Flesh & Buns.

Delivery: Nationwide

Link to shop


Chicken Wings from Wingmans
Photo credits to Wingmans

Wingmans have been gaining lots of popularity as they expanded from their Kilburn shop to a bigger branch in Soho in 2020. Their lip-smacking gourmet wings are a real catch and we can all now replicate and enjoy them at the comforts of our own home with their DIY Kits. Options include Buffalo Wings and their BBQ Wings.

Whilst some of their most popular flavours such as Bang Coq, Shanghai Oriental, and Seoulja Boi are not available as DIY Kits, you can still attempt on recreating them at home by following their recipes from their very own cookbook, Wings & Things.

Link to shop

Delivery: Nationwide


Photo credits to Goodbirds

You may have encountered them at the Market Hall Westend before. After a bit of a hiatus, Goodbirds are back with their Signature Rotisserie Chicken meal kit, which can be the perfect feast for your Ramadan delivery. Apart from the pre-marinated chicken, the meal kit includes a range of sauces (e.g. roast almond satay and firecracker hot, garlic herb creamy dip), corn on the cob with miso butter and crispy onions, red cabbage pomegranate apple slaw and dressing, pitta and chicken fat potatoes.

Link to shop

Delivery: Nationwide

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